Esteban Echeverría Progressive Scholarships: When and Where to Register

Esteban echeverría monte grande award for progression 1.jpg

The municipality of Esteban Echeverría has made new points available for registration for Progresar Scholarships.

Next Wednesday, April 13, residents who wish to register can attend at the following times and service points:

From 10 am to 1 pm.

great mountain

• Hostel (Anacleto Rojas 359).

• Children’s House No. 3 (Nostras Malvinas 2100).


• San Ignacio Development Association (Matthew 2645).

• Community Integration Center (CIC) Siglo XX (Laprida 2733).

• Martinez Moreno Association for Development (Detachment Melkor 174).

Big South mountain

• Community Integration Center (CIC) La Victoria (20 545 Street).

From 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

April 9

• Civic League of Latin America (Oliver 1115).

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