Entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from scholarships in a new edition of Sembrando Inglés – Eme – 04/12/2022

This is the last week to apply for the programme Business English Seed 2022. This consists of 400 . scholarships Scholarships complete training Einglish Commercial, dictated and approved by Uruguay – the alliance of the United States of America. , thanks to funding from US Embassy in Uruguay Based on American Development Bank.

Courses will start in April and will be 100% online. Two programs will be offered, one for Business Level 1 and one for Business Level 2, which varies according to the applicants’ English language proficiency level. The assignment to one or another program will be made by the consortium according to the level of English produced by the self-test.

The total duration of the courses will be 90 hours for Level 1 (spread into 4 consecutive units of 24 hours) and 96 hours for Level 2 (in 3 units of 30 hours). They will be taught mostly asynchronously, with two simultaneous sessions per month (video calls). Each simultaneous session will last for an hour and a half. It is estimated that the weekly time for participants will be 4 hours.

Applications close on Sunday, April 17th at 11:59 PM. Those interested should enter this link https://bit.ly/sembrandoingles2022, complete the form, take the Alliance self-test online at https://autotest.alianza.edu.uy/ and record a presentation and motivation video (cannot exceed 60 seconds) .

The process of selecting participants will be responsible for Uruguay-US Cultural Alliance Beneficiaries will be notified by email on April 22, 2022.

For inquiries, you can contact the mail [email protected]

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