Eight jointly funded universities will not be able to offer scholarships

eight Universities singly Those who received income from the state to display Scholarships for them the students I mentioned on Monday August 23, 2021 that they will not be able to provide all the scholarships they need and apply for the students. “It’s a hard blow to the students scarce resources Higher education institutions said in a statement.

These are the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, the University of Azuay, the Catholic University of Cuenca, the Salesian Polytechnic University, the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil, the Vicente Rocafuerte Lay University of Guayaquil, the Private Technical University of Loja and UTE.

Institutions reported that the Higher Education Council (Exit) Solved reduction Over 12 Million US Dollars Capital Dedicated to scholarships the students from scarce resources who attend classes for these private universities” co-financed“.

We have gone from receiving 10% from a source fueled portion of value added taxThe statement said, “in 2011 to 3% last year and finally to 0% on August 18, 2021.”

It also reads that in the context of a Economic crisisunknown to anyone, added the lack from interest by all global system for the country by CES as well as by the Minister of Higher Education (Cineskate). ‘Both institutions have made expanding access to high education In blank terms, that fits well with rhetoric but that doesn’t inspire facts.”

Universities assure that they will not leave any of them student Behind and will comply with those who have already received scholarships, even if it means redirecting institutional resources and the educational investments a plan.

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