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With the University Access Assessment (EvAU) passed, it’s time to count. A first class registration costs, depending on the prices of the course ending, between 516 and 1,662 euros, to which other expenses such as transportation and accommodation are added if you have to change residence, not forgetting that there are students who contribute to the family economy is essential. Steps have been taken to reverse the effects of reforms promoted by famous José Ignacio Vert, which raised the fee and tightened access to help, but going to university is still an effort for students with few resources. To help ensure that the economic situation does not hamper training, various scholarship programs are activated each year.

The Ministry of Education and Vocational Training has nearly 363,000 undergraduate students this year and is expected to rise between 5% and 10%. And agency sources indicate that most likely the call, which will remain active until October 14, will open between the end of June and the beginning of July. It is published every year in the Official Gazette of the State (BOE) and the ministry has a website that collects all the information in a simpler way and includes a section with questions and explanatory videos, among other resources. You can also find in it a link to the electronic headquarters, where the operation is carried out.

Spaniards or permanent residents who do not already have a score equal or higher, have a score of at least five on the test or in the education they can access and enroll in 60 credits, can choose their choice. It is also possible, with some restrictions, for those who attend at least 30. As for economic requirements, income and items related to assets are taken into consideration. Three income thresholds are set. Students at the lowest level, apart from the free tuition fee, can receive up to €3,425 plus the variable amount, which results from the distribution of the remainder once they are awarded the fixed based on income and grade point average.

When the deadlines and requirements are already clear, other questions may arise: Do I have to reapply for them the following year? What if I miss the race? How many years can I be an apprentice? Is it compatible with other aids? Starting with the latter, these scholarships can be matched with Collaboration, Erasmus, and Tempus scholarships. Other cases must be examined by the ministry.

Renewal is not automatic and for the following years it will be necessary to agree to a minimum percentage of credits. On the other hand, if 40% or 50% of the cycle is not passed, depending on the branch, it will have to be redone. In addition, the endowment does not cover credits for subjects to be repeated. The maximum time to be a fellow, with some exceptions, is two years longer than that stipulated in the study plan for engineers and architects and one year for the remainder.

Country and regional offerings

These scholarships cover the entire state with the exception of the Basque Country, which has its own convocation and in which some amounts differ, such as those associated with a change of residence, which can be up to €3,600 versus €1,600 for the general. It can be requested throughout the month of July, although students who have not yet registered by then have five working days to request it after doing so. Autonomous communities usually have programs added to the ministry’s offer, although they tend to be incompatible if they have the same purpose. It is also advisable to check if the university where you are going to study offers other resources.

Apart from public entities, there are private entities that also have this type of aid. This year the La Caixa Foundation announced the first release, which closed at the beginning of June, of new scholarships for outstanding students with few resources that extend throughout the study period. The 50 selected receive €600 per month, for a maximum of 10 months per year, and €600 initially and each registration will be covered if they do not receive a general allowance for it. The program includes additional games for international residency and language study, as well as support and training in other skills. To request it, you must be a beneficiary of the general fixed amount of income, file and provide references.

Among its various undergraduate programs, Banco Santander offers the Progreso Scholarship which awards €1,000 to 750 vulnerable students who have received assistance from the Ministry or Society in the previous year and have good grades. Equality targets women who will attend the second year with a good academic record and ministry scholarships in the previous year. It is worth 5,000 euros and can be ordered until September. The entity grants other aid in cooperation with various Spanish universities and economic support for digitization and mobility.

Master’s degree support

Some degrees require a master’s degree to be able to practice and others decide to complete their training this way, although it is not mandatory. The department follows the same income standards to support this type of studies and requires 60 credits to be registered – you can also choose 30 – and has an average of five for qualifications and seven for the rest, with correction coefficients for some races. For the second year it is necessary to approve 100% of the credits, with an average of seven for the unqualified.

If you wish to study outside Spain, there are different options, such as Erasmus, also available for a master’s degree. Fullbright, one of the most popular, covers tuition, travel, and grants a monthly stipend to study in the United States. Other organizations, such as Santander and La Caixa mentioned above, such as the Ramón Areces Foundation or the Barrié Foundation, also have this type of support.

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