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As many studies and education experts have warned, the pandemic has led to the introduction of various virtual educational programs, not only at the national level, but also at the international level.

This made foreign higher education institutions increasingly enter the Colombian education market. This is the case in University Postgraduate International Professional Studies (ISEP)a Spanish educational center that will open its first headquarters in Colombia.

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This institution has 38 years of training experience in Spain and is accredited to work in Mexico. ISEP has confirmed that in Colombia it will offer a variety of postgraduate courses in areas such as psychology, education, neuroscience, speech therapy, and business administration.

Entering the Colombian education sector, Rodrigo Ryano, ISEP Dean in Colombia, stated that due to the launch of the new headquarters, there will be 70% Bonus upon registrationwhich also applies to online training.

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The new headquarters is located in Chapinero, at 59 a bis Street with Carrera 5. Although this institution is distinguished by the diversity of virtual programs, through the physical headquarters it seeks closer support for the students of this country. In addition, activities related to well-being and management of administrative processes will be introduced.

“Our professors are from an international college that includes Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and others,” said Riano.

educational offer

Clinical Psychology:

MA in Clinical and Health Psychology.

MA in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology.

MA in Forensic Psychology.

Master’s degree in Psychiatric Oncology and Palliative Care.

Specialization in Psychiatric Oncology.

Specialization in Sexual and Couples Therapy.


– Master of Education.

Master’s degree in Special Education.

MA in Intervention in Learning Disabilities.

MA in Clinical Psychology.

Early attention specialization.

Specialized in autism.

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Master’s degree in Neuroscience and Talent Management.

speech therapy

Master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology.


Management skill.

Master’s in Project Management.

MSc in Big Data and Business Intelligence.

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