Education scholarships for young people in Bogotá: who can access

On Thursday, December 2, Bogotá officially and for the first time released a version of social links Credit resources that will be allocated to meet the city’s social investment programs.

Mayor Claudia Lopez announced that the first issuance of domestic public debt since Colombian Stock Exchange was for $162.271 millionwith an authorized global stake forming part of the Issuance and Placement Program (PEC) equal to $9.6 billion.

Resources will serve as a specific destination for program financing young to yothrough which the district administration will provide higher education until 2024 to 20,000 young people of classes 1, 2 and 3 of the population of Bogotá.

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How will the investment be?

According to information released by the mayor’s office, the resource allocation will be divided into four tranches. The first, which is official today, guarantees 5,500 seats for this program among 20,000 beneficiaries for the next three years.

Those who access the program, They will receive a 100% scholarship to study a professional career In public and private universities in the city, while at the same time They will receive bi-annual economic support with a minimum salary to spend.

The total investment is $1.03 trillion, of which $945,000 will be financed through the issuance of social bonds.

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