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Bogotá, for the first time, issued public debt bonds to finance higher education for 20,000 young people through the program “youth to yo”. The Ministry of Education and the Agency for Higher Education, Science and Technology (ATENA) and Institutions of higher education (IES), with local development funds, makes contributions to cover enrollment in programs they have chosen during the call in public and private institutions, or in those that have been accepted through additional quotas from formal institutions.

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With the current call, which will begin training in the first half of 2022, it is expected that about 4,000 young people will benefit, who will add to the 8,000 favorites in 2021.

How many resources will be allocated through bonds to fund higher education for youth?

Through social links issued in Colombian Stock Exchange944,899,000 pesos will be allocated to fund higher education for young people.

How many emissions are expected?

The bond offering is planned in four tranches: The first phase has already been implemented on December 2, and includes more than 5,500 shares of a total of 20,000 for the next three years.

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How much is the assistance to the beneficiary?

The program grants the resources to form and deliver a Semi-annual support of the lowest monthly salary (next year it will be the equivalent of $1,000,000), in order to prefer their continuity in academic programmes.

Beneficiaries of the “The U in Your Neighborhood,” “Flexible Post-Media Education,” “Articulation Sena with the U,” “TyT Promotion,” “Traditional Programs,” and “Promotion in Arts and Sports Training” receive this support. or “I go and I go to the U”.

If the application is approved in the permanence strategy, the Local Development Funds, through the Minister of Education – Atenea, will manage the transfer of financial support to the account NicoyAnd Movi also Daviplata indicated by the beneficiary. This assistance will be delivered according to the modalities and conditions specified by the District in the contact document published on the website of the Secretariat.

What does the financing not cover?

It does not include additional expenses such as graduation rights, classroom materials, double degrees, and internationalization.

Is there any consideration?

Jóvenes a la U has designed a social training component, which will allow recipients to perform social service tasks, as a form of punishment. Young people must credit a minimum of 32 hours per academic period.

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What requirements must a young man who wants to aspire to finance meet?

In its second invitation, where the applicant can choose programs at 33 Universities Public and private in Bogotá, Jóvenes a la U has the following requirements:

– In the Extended Special Drawing Line:
Be a high school graduate from a public or private school in Bogota.
Be a high school graduate from a public or private school outside Bogotá, but prove residence in the city.
Obtaining a bachelor’s degree to submit the Saber 11 test and to approve the residence in the city.
Submit Saber 11 tests.
You must be under 28 years old.
Not be enrolled in a higher education program in the first and second semester of 2021.
Not be a graduate of a program at the technical, professional, technological and professional levels, with the exception of SINA graduates. The Sina with Yu strategy is designed for them.
– Subscribe to the program call through the links specified in the terms of the call and on the dates specified for its completion.
– Not to withdraw from the Jóvenes a la U program at the first contact after the benefit has been validated.

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On line:
Granted, with the support of local development funds, a maintenance subsidy for a period of six months.

a. To be registered at any of its levels (professional, technical, and university-professional).
B. You must be under 28 years old.
c. He resides in a location that has enabled the strategy.

In the direct private admission line:
a. You must be under 28 years old.
B. Participation in the regular or special admission process established by the official higher education institution without access to the degree to obtain one of the authorized classes.
c. Not be enrolled in a higher education program in the first and second semester of 2021.

Can the student choose the university or institution only?

The student can choose between different higher education institutions participating in each call. On the second call, the young applicant can choose programs in more than 30 public and private universities in Bogota:

– In the Extended Special Acceptance Method:

1. University of the Jungle. 2. University of the Andes. 3. Externado University in Colombia. 4. Columbia University Cooperative. 5. St. Bonaventure University. 6. Manuela Beltran University. 7. ECCI University. 8. Antonio Nariño University. 9. Central University. 10. University of Applied and Environmental Sciences. 11. La Salle University. 12. EAN University. 13. University of Rosario. 14. The Free University. 15. University of Tolima. 16. Sergio Arboleda University. 17. The Technology School at the Central Technical Institute. 18. Grancolombiano Polytechnic. 19. God Minute University College. 20. Joann N. University Foundation. Korbas. 21. The Constituent University of Health Sciences. 22. Foundation of the University of Bogota Chamber of Commerce. 23. The Agricultural University Foundation of Columbia. 24. The University Foundation for Human Development (UNINPAHU). 25. University of Santo Tomas. 26. The University of Los Libertadores Foundation. 27. Konrad Lorenz University Foundation. 28. The Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito. 29. University of Savannah

On a private direct admission call:
1. Columbia National University. 2. Francisco Jose de Caldas University. 3. National Pedagogical University.

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