Education as the focus of the presidential debate

The health crisis caused by the Corona virus has been revealed in Colombia Weak points subordinate Educational systemmainly in terms of connectivity in the regions.

In addition, the social mobilization introduced in recent years has reflected some unease among young people towards the higher education system, which, according to them, has the advantage of access to private universities over public universities, with programs such as Bellow is being pushed s Generation E

Hence, presidential candidates put education at the center of the debate as a pillar of the country’s transformations.

Federico Gutierrez, Sergio Fajardo, Gustavo Pietro, Ingrid Betancourt, Rodolfo Hernandez, Luis Pérez, Enrique Gomez and John Milton Rodriguez provide their main ideas and visions for the Colombian educational model.

It is noteworthy that the presidential elections will be held next Sunday, May 29.

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