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The university fair has been digitized and students and the public can visit it from anywhere in the country, from 15 to 19 June, at the following link, where they can consult about scholarships and educational credits offered by Pronabec in Peru and in countries such as Spain, the United States and others.

In this sense, Justo Zaragoza, Group Director of Education for the Future, said that visitors will have access to informative talks about the different professions offered by the study centers by their representatives; Workshops on future job positions. In addition, psychologists will respond to the professional interests of young people.

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“The pandemic has hurt the students’ situation due to various reasons, such as the fact that many of them are now left without a family head and have to go to work to help support their families,” Zaragoza said.

In other cases, it was due to professional interests, academic performance, economic solvency, and characteristics of educational institutions. Hence the importance of effective vocational guidance so that they can make use of all the available resources, in order to facilitate their return to school.

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Finally, he commented that, thanks to the pandemic and virtualization, professions associated with digital transformation have made a leap and are in great demand.

Jobs like systems engineering, softwareComputing, computer and network security technicians, digital and 3D animators, digital connectivity, application specialists, programmers, community managers, web administrators, and others, among others, are currently most in demand.”

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Publication date: 6/10/2021

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