District opens call for 400 scholarships for district teachers

District opens call for 400 scholarships for district teachers

300 scholarships are allocated for pursuing a master’s degree in education and an additional 100 slots for specialization in educational studies.

To continue accompanying teachers from public schools in the city in their training processes with master’s degrees and specializations Barranquilla Municipality -across the Education District SecretaryOpening a new invitation for 400 scholarships for postgraduate studies. These are added to the 400 teachers who benefited between 2020 and 2021.

Applicants must be appointed teachers of the property and the objective is to support the personal and professional development of teachers and teaching administrators in public schools in the city.

The Minister of Education, Bibiana RinconHighlight management Mayor Jaime Pomarejo To increase the offer of scholarships to teachers and students and accompany them in enhancing their skills.

“In the past two years, we have awarded more than 5,000 scholarships to young people who graduated from public schools with the programme “University Nearby” On this occasion, there will already be 800 of our teachers who will benefit from these postgraduate scholarships. They will be responsible for accompanying our students and transferring all the knowledge they acquire to the classroom,” the official said.

300 places for a master’s degree

in alliance with Caribbean Autonomous University, Minister of Education 100% of the value of the Master of Education fee will be funded for the 300 teachers from public schools who participate in the call and receive the interest.

The master’s degree will be taken online and applicants will have a registration period between March 14 and March 24.

By accessing the link https://www.barranquilla.gov.co/educacion/beca-maestria-en-educacion-docentes-barranquilla you can get more information about requirements and step by step to participate in the call.

100 slots for specialization

100 proprietary teachers who want to pursue a major in educational studies can do so for free. The District Department of Education will fund 100% of the registration fee. The deadline for the registration process is between Monday 14 March and Friday 25 March this year.

By entering the link https://www.barranquilla.gov.co/mi-barranquilla/convocatoria-especializacion-en-estudios-pedagogicos, those interested can get more information.

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