Diputación de Valladolid rewards and bestows quality and talent in the province

We want to acknowledge the effort and believe it’s time to appreciate the work of researchers in the county. It is hard work to push the boundaries of our world. Art is not something that one person makes, it is what many call it. You are part of an unstoppable process,” confirmed the Valladolid Provincial Council President, Konrad Eskar.

All in the public hall of the county institution His pulse regained After years empty due to the coronavirus in which he chaired the Awards and Scholarships Awards 2020, awarded by the Valladolid Provincial Council in the following categories: Fine Arts Scholarships; Performing Arts Scholarship, Arjaya Awards Research Awards; The 22nd Literary Competition and the 5th Photographic Competition for the Active Aging Program.

Patricia Casanova GomezThe 2021 Research Prize for the work “Dragonfly Atlas of Valladolid Province” affirmed that “the study of dragonflies would not go into the field to see beautiful things” and chose the importance of his work “to preserve the original value of the province.”

He added, “We have to strengthen and stimulate the cultural fabric of the province so that future generations can continue with enthusiasm.” Marc GutierrezFine Arts Scholarship 2021.

for this part, Elisa Palacios Moretaon behalf of the winners of the Argaya Awards 2021 as the first prize for the story 2021. “All art has the strength of its claims and amplifies the rest of the voices,” he affirmed in gratitude for his award, “while Yolanda Rodriguez de DiegoOn behalf of the winners of the 2021 Active Aging Contest, he emphasized “the elderly who have experienced a lack of company and affection” during the pandemic.


Research Awards. 2021.

First Prize: €2,500 awarded: Ms. Patricia Casanueva Gómez for the work “Atlas of Dragonfly in the Province of Valladolid”.

Second Prize: Awarded in the amount of € 1,750: Mr. Eduardo Perotti Aranz for the work “Study of the plants of Pinel de Abajo and the province of Valladolid.

Third prize: 1250 euros: a. Victoria Sanchez Requena and Dr. Benjamin Seville Herran, for the work entitled: “The scenic circles of Castilla and Leon. The case of the province of Valladolid. Analysis of management, programming and operation between 2011 and 2020”.

Plastic Arts Scholarship. 2021.

The scholarship amount is 5,000 euros

Awarded to Dr. Marcos Gutierrez Morquecho for the development of a project entitled “La Puerta de Valladolid”

Dramatic Art Scholarship. 2021.

The scholarship amount is 5000 euros,

Awarded to Mrs. Ines Díez San José, for the realization of the project entitled “Corporal space 2.0, in order to continue teaching at the École Internationale de l’Adraat Generale Mime in Paris, with the technique of Etienne Decroux.

Arjaya Young Creative Awards. 2021.

First Prize: 1100 Euros are awarded in each category.

Second Prize: 500 Euros for each category.


First Prize: Dª Susana del Carmen de la Cuesta Rodríguez, for a picture entitled “Rio Duero, Rio Duero”.

Second Prize: Mr. Ricardo Andrés Herrero for a picture entitled “Turkey Fame”. The award was received on his behalf by his father, Dr. Juan Carlos Andres Ortega.


First Prize: Mrs. Elisa Palacios Moreta for a story entitled “Líneas entre vines”.

Second Prize: Dª Teresa Zurdo Gil for “The Gray Days”. The award was received on her behalf by Mrs. Elisa Palacios Moreta.


First Prize: Ms. Celia Tondor Centeno for the illustrations entitled “Gastroarmonía”. The award was received on her behalf by Mrs. Lara Mayo Villalba.

Second Prize: Ms. Lara Mayo Villalba, for the illustrations entitled “In Valladolid we are in Glory”.

V Photo competition for the Active Aging Program and the 23rd Literary Competition for the Active Aging Program for the year 2021, with the slogan “Weights and Kiss”.

These are two intergenerational competitions, the 23rd Literary Competition and the V Photography Competition, organized by Family Service.

Prizes are awarded in the junior category of 300 euros, dedicated to the winner and another 300 euros to the school they belong to.

In the higher method, prizes are awarded in the amount of 500 euros.


High Way Award: Ms. María del Carmen Espíso Gonzalez, for a photograph entitled “Embracing the Sunset”.

Junior Style Award: Ms. Laura Revuelta Blanco, for a photo titled “You Don’t Know Who I Am, Grandma, But You Know I Love You” Award Winning Center: IES Alejandría de Tordesillas.


High Way Award: Yolanda Rodriguez de Diego, for the story “Farewell Verse”

Junior Style Award: Mr. Mario Filória de la Fuente for “The Return of Hugs and Kisses”. Award-Winning Center: CEIP Félix Cuadrado Lomas de La Cistérniga.

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