Diario Extra – Skills Challenge offers university scholarships


Between 28 and 31 March

There will be three proficiency tests

Students starting their university career this coming May will have the opportunity to fight for a scholarship that will help them fund their postgraduate studies.

The way to win the scholarship is not the traditional way, i.e. the one with the best grades from the school, but the student’s skills will be tested to face the world of work.

This is the reason why LEED University has created the “Young Leaders Open Challenge”, which consists of three tests to measure a student’s ability and from there the winner or winners will be selected.

This challenge consists of three exams that will take place on three different days, March 28, 30 and 31.

“We are pleased to create spaces so that young people entering the university can experience the scenarios they encounter in daily life in the company, as well as awarding winners a 70% scholarship in any of our jobs and personal professional training to enhance employment prospects,” said Diana Ruiz, LEED Admissions Director. .

The first simulation will be developed on March 28, and the Food Truck Challenge will challenge the essence of entrepreneurship, allowing the student to explore the challenges leaders face when launching a new business, product, service, or process.

The second challenge is the Data Analytics Challenge, which will take place on March 30th. During the event, young people will experience the power of analytics in decision-making by serving as a brand manager, as well as using cutting-edge techniques to determine the best strategy for improving performance.

Finally, on March 31, the Everest Challenge simulation will take place, in which the riders will have an expedition to Mount Everest as a context, where they will have to test drive and teamwork, the goal being to do role-plays between climbers to reach the top of the mountain.

To participate is required:

  • He holds a high school diploma
  • Enter the race in May 2022
  • Record individually, even if you are working in groups.
  • Registration must be done at least 48 hours before each event.

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