DGA offers an interactive map to facilitate consultation of the offer of the university in Aragon

Minister of Science, University and Knowledge Society Maro Diaz, and Director General of Universities Ramon Guerrado. Photo: DGA.

TheFrom Monday, future university students can consult the new portal mapadetitulaciones.aragon.es, which brings together the full offer of degrees in the Aragon University system and those degrees and Masters expected to be implemented in the medium term on the Aragon campus. .
The Minister and Director-General of Universities, Ramon Guerrado, introduced the new website today, convinced that it will be a “very useful information and transparency tool”.

The Minister of Higher Education said: “We aspire to make it an essential consultative space for our youth and their families before making the important decision on what to study and where to do, and to help them as much as possible in accessing higher education.” Science, the University and the Knowledge Society, Maro Diaz.

And it is that the website integrates in a very visual and intuitive way, for both the campus, all the degrees that are taught and those that will be taught in a year or two, having already received the first positive report from the administration.
Currently, there are 86 degrees applied in the Aragon University system and 71 master’s degrees. In addition, 5 new degrees are in the pipeline – podiatry, criminology, biomedical engineering, cybersecurity engineering and artificial intelligence – and 5 future master’s degrees – innovation and educational research; Analyze, manage and protect information in the economy and business; Tumor immunity and cancer immunotherapy. prosthetics and orthotics; and professional translation.

All these new titles will be added in the medium term – upon completion of their administrative processing, following relevant reports from the Agency for University Quality and Prospects of Aragon and the Council of Universities – to an ever-evolving offer.

In fact, according to data provided by the Director-General of Universities, since 2019, four new degrees have been authorized – data engineering in industrial processes, psychology, biomedicine, digital design and creative technologies, as well as 18 new master’s and doctorate degrees.

In addition to the degree map itself, the portal also centralizes all practical information of interest to future students, turning the site into a “basic point of consultation and advice”.

It collects, for example, all information about scholarships (Aragonese, state and from the universities themselves) to facilitate processing for young people and further progress in universal access to higher education. The goal, according to the consultant, is “not to leave anyone without asking for financial assistance because of ignorance.”

In this way, information about the requirements, procedures and deadlines for accessing mobility grant invitations, stipends, strategic masters degrees and Erasmus+, in the case of Aragon lines, is provided and redirected to scholarships offered by the Ministry for undergraduates, masters and doctoral studies and scholarship programs that the two Aragonese universities also have.

In this profession to help future students, the site also includes an application on What to Study and Where at University (QEDU), from the Ministry, which provides information on potential performance and job placement for the various degrees offered.

And in the Information of Interest section there are also links to the website of the Agency for Quality and University Prospects of Aragon (ACPUA), which is responsible for the evaluation of higher education in Aragon, and to the Register of Universities, Centers and Degrees, which gives access to the most relevant information about the different centers and degrees that make up Including the Spanish university system.

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