DesenreDatos opens a call for training in data journalism in Ecuador

The project implemented by DW Akademie, UntangleData, Open call for training in data journalism targeting journalists and reporters from Ecuador.

This course will take place from May to June 2022. Throughout the internship, “virtually simultaneous meetings and independent work on the University of the Americas Brightspace platform” will take place in Quito. This was reported through their website.

Therefore, the maximum registration date will be open until 11:59 PM on April 22, 2022. To participate, applicants must have good internet access and time required for activities uploaded to the platform, as well as participating in concurrent training.

Experts from both Latin America and Europe will contribute information on: “Access to open data, open government and legal framework, data investigative reporting, visual narratives with them, and the intersection of gender and data, among others.”

Conditions for joining this training course are as follows:

  • Be a communicator/journalist by training and/or working as a journalist for more than two years.
  • Work in a media outlet or work as a freelance journalist in Ecuador.
  • Access to the computer and the Internet.
  • Be interested in data journalism (some type of experience preferred).
  • Get support from a media outlet in Ecuador.
  • Availability of 7 hours per week for 4 weeks. (Among them, 4 hours of independent work on the learning platform and 3 hours of contact for simultaneous work).
  • A letter of motivation to participate in the process, including links to previous work, max. 400 words.
  • You have the subject of a journalistic investigation in Ecuador.

In addition, the project will reward Scholarships to the best press projects raised during the session. As stated UntangleDataAt the end of the year, some of these projects will be part of a delegation that will travel to Germany to learn about the experience of open data and transparency in other countries.

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