Delivery of comprehensive university scholarships in Cartagena: An invitation has been opened for 57 comprehensive university scholarships in Cartagena | Cartagena

The Education District Secretary will be granted 57 Undergraduate Scholarships for Population with Disabilities, Victims of armed conflictoriginal, black, afro, raizales and palanqueros.

The call, which opens on July 26, benefits 2020 graduates from formal educational institutions Or establishments with contracted registration attesting to belonging to the said population.

“This is good news for all of our heroic 2020 students who have survived the pandemic and continue to build on their dreams. Cartagena will continue to grow as we continue to include all the populations that were historically excluded which is why the “Save Cartagena Together” government We have tailored these scholarships in terms of pathway so that our students can enter university‘ commented Olga Acosta Amel, Minister of Education of the District.

Acosta Amell reported that the scholarships will be awarded as follows:

– NARP residents – Black, Afro, Raizales and Palenqueros (30 stakes, two per region).

– Indigenous people (9 stakes).

– Population with disabilities (9 places).

– Population victims of armed conflict (9 shares).

Daniel Amezquita, Higher Education Adviser, explained that the winners will receive a 100% tolerable credit grant through ICETEXProvided that the beneficiary graduated from the chosen program. He explained that otherwise, he must pay the full registration fee that has been transferred to his higher education institution. for your studies.

“It is important for those interested to approach the university where the academic program they are interested in is located and to register officially. They should also pay attention to register on the platform provided by ICETEX between July 26 and August 2.”Amezquita stressed.

The general requirements for this call are:

1. ICFES Saber Eleventh Exams submitted

2. This is included in SISBEN IV kits – A, B or C.

3. Belong to socioeconomic class 1 or 2.

4. To be accepted into an academic program at one of the following universities:

The Nariño Autonomous Foundation, University of Cartagena, Rafael Nunez University Foundation, Antonio de Arevalo University Foundation (Unitecnar)and the University of San Buenaventura, the San Martin University Foundation, the Technological University of Bolivar and the main university institution in Cartagena.

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