Dates for the Easter and Bridge holidays in April

The Easter holiday They approach, according to what distinguishes school calendar Ministry of Public Education (September) from 2021 to 2022. If in your state you plan to go on a family vacation, we’ll tell you exactly when that period will be, so make a note.

The first thing you should know is that in Basic, secondary and higher education Easter vacation is mandatory. In the case of companies, although this period is not considered mandatory by law, in some places it gives its workers rest days on Thursdays and Good Fridays.

September: Dates for the Easter and Bridge holidays are in April. Photo: fix

When does the Easter holiday start?

According to the official SEP calendar, the Easter holiday will begin next Monday, April 11, and end on Friday, April 22. This way, students and teachers will be off work for 15 days.

The good news is that before the end of April there will be another bridge which will be on Friday 29th April due to the Sixth Regular Session of the School Technical Council (CTE), so students will not have lessons on that date and will enjoy a long weekend.

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With regard to workers, Article 76 of the Federal Labor Law stipulates the following:

Workers with more than one year of service shall enjoy a period of annual paid leave, which may in no case be less than six working days, and which shall increase by two working days, up to twelve, for each subsequent year of service. .

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So if your company doesn’t give you Easter days, but you already meet the requirements to request your leave, you can combine it with the period the SEP gives to students and teachers.

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