CUNEF University Review: Scholarships, Prices, Opinions, and Admission

Today we present to you CUNEF REVIEW, A university center specializing in financial studies, teaching both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in business, management, economics, law and finance for over 40 years.

Today it has more than 1,600 students and 100 teachers who combine teaching and professional practice so that they can train their students in the best way for professional practice.

In addition, it also has collaborations with more than 500 private companies in the financial field, and is responsible for facilitating the first professional step for its students. According to the school, Many of the school’s former students hold management positions in major banks, auditing and consulting firms They work in Spain, which confirms the high rate of employment for their students.

CUNEF . Institutional Relationships

CUNEF . maintains institutional relations With many companies and institutions, among them we find:

  • UCM (Complutense University of Madrid): The institution that supports CUNEF and awards official qualifications in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • AEB . FoundationCUNEF is a regular member of AEB
  • Carolina FoundationCUNEF is partnering with the Carolina Foundation in the scholarship program announced by the Foundation
  • International relationsCUNEF also has cooperation agreements with reputable international universities
  • Santander Bank: Banco Santander partners with CUNEF by granting a specific financing line and the possibility to join the entity once one of the studies related to the banking sector has been completed.
  • European Foundation for Administrative Development: A global non-profit organization that collaborates with CUNEF and is dedicated to the continuous improvement of training and management development.

Prices and academic offer

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs Offered knif They are recognized as standards in their respective fields. In terms of postgraduate courses, CUNEF offers both Master’s degree at an official university As executive programs, they give us the opportunity to specialize in a specific field. Here is a summary table:

Masters and Postgraduate Students at CUNEF

Admission to CUNEF

Application for admission to CUNEF University. distance Start the online application, if it is not completed, they can re-register and complete it again, using the username and password obtained when registering as a new user.

With the submission of the form, before taking the admission test, they must attach the documents required by CUNEF to assess the application. If you have completed the application for admission by entering your username and password, you can check the status of the admission process.

To be accepted into a program knifWe will have to do the following actions:

  1. Apply
  2. Pass the selection tests
  3. Formalize the reservation
  4. teaching

The second stage requires the university Pass some of their exams for admission to postgraduate courses. The tests consist of:

  • written test: It is intended to assess our financial knowledge, analytical skills and knowledge of the English language (CUNEF requires a minimum level of B1 in order to be able to enroll in any of its Master’s degrees).
  • InterviewWhere, basically, we will have to explain our goal of completing our master’s degree.
  • Student file evaluation Depending on the field of study you aspire to.

The test is conducted in the school’s facilities, during Saturday morning sessions. Test dates start in mid-January and run through May.

General Scholarships for the academic year 2022-2023: Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

be Scholarships for college students Those who hold a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree or who will be commencing their university studies in Academic year 2022-23:

  • The deadline to apply for the scholarship for the academic year 2022-2023 has been submitted: it is From March 30 to May 12 2022.

Scholarships available at CUNEF

The CUNEF scholarship program is very extensive and includes the following scholarships for postgraduate courses:

Excellence Award

Aimed at new students admitted to CUNEF postgraduate courses who are credited with a average score above 9, In studies that give access to the program or above 8.5 In the case of records of students who come from science studies or technical education. The amount of scholarship awarded varies, but can be up to 25% of the registration fee, In addition, family income will not be taken into account in this scholarship.

AEB Foundation Scholarship (FAEB)

Aimed at students accepted into postgraduate programs that adopt A Average score equal to or greater than 8 In studies granting access to the program or with an average grade equal to or greater than 7.5 In the case of the files of students coming from science studies or art education. In this case, the percentage of the scholarship varies depending on the degree obtained and family income, and up to 100% of the amount of the registration fee can be awarded.

Scholarship Terms

To access the scholarships, the applicant must demonstrate an average grade such as one of the following:

  • First year students: average score 8.00 points or higher, calculated on the basis of the following criterion: University entrance mark excluding the score obtained in the elective subject tests of the core subject group, that is, the said entrance mark will be calculated according to the formula 0.6 NMB + 0.4 EBAU.
  • Graduate students: average score 8.00 points or higher, or 7.50 points or higher for graduate students who come from science studies or technical education, in previous studies or teaching that allows access to postgraduate courses at the university.

CUNEF Scholarships for Concurrent Enrollment of Siblings in Large Families

For students who have siblings at CUNEF, during the period in which they coincide, are enrolled in the Center:

  • The first child: He does not deserve the discount.
  • Second child: 20% discount on enrollment prices.
  • Third child and beyond: 40% off registration prices.

In order to be able to access this aid, they must have an address certifying a valid large family status, in accordance with Law 40/2003, of November 18, on the Protection of Large Families.

  • It is not a cumulative aid with scholarships or other assistance.

Opinions about CUNEF

Here are the opinions of former CUNEF students

Anki LeoExecutive Masters in Finance and Management.
Market representative at UnionPay International

William WalzMA in Financial Institutions and Markets.
Senior Management Solutions Consultant

At Rancia we put all the postgraduate programs offered by CUNEF at your disposal, for more details go to the link below:

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