Countries with Current Postgraduate Offers

One of the goals of millions of young people is to advance in their university studies not only in Colombia, but also abroad, where Icetex has published a list of opportunities they can access if they are interested.

Study abroad options They are applied in higher education centers located in Europe, Asia and North America, which, in some cases, include costs for tuition, housing, accommodation and maintenance.

Among the countries offering these options are Hungary, Spain, Italy, China and the United States through scholarships expressed through Icetex, which publishes these possibilities periodically.

evenly, Access conditions are set This should be taken into account when applying for these scholarships.

Hungary – Stipendium Hungaricum . Scholarship

The Hungarian experience will be an opportunity for Colombians who apply in the calls opened by the government of this European country, through Icetex, This will become a reality with 40 scholarships awarded to Colombian students.

The studies will be conducted from September 2022, in person at the higher education institutions of this country. The programs will last for four years for undergraduate studies, 1.5 to two years for master’s degrees, and four years for doctoral studies.

For this scholarship offer, the Government of Hungary allocates resources to cover tuition costs, accommodation expenses, monthly stipend (according to the academic programme), and medical insurance. Please note that this offer does not cover airfares.

The registration stage consists of two stages of registration, which must be completed before January 17, 2022. Those interested should apply online on the Hungarian government platform here and, in parallel, also apply through the Icetex website at the following links:

Spain – Luis Vives Scholarship

Offered by the University of Valencia, it provides advanced training in Master’s studies. The scholarship covers airfare, living costs, and medical insurance.

To apply for this, you must have Colombian citizenship, have completed a bachelor’s or graduate degree and not have a previous master’s degree. The 2021 call was made in May. Those interested should monitor the university’s website for new applications.

Italy – Invest your talent in Italy Scholarship

The scholarships are provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of that country.. They cover study and other expenses to pursue a master’s degree in design, architecture and other fields. Applicants must be at least 26 years old, and hold a B2 degree in English. You can apply through the ministry’s website.

ICETEX indicated that young people from the country who wish to study their undergraduate degree with long-term credit from the entity will have the opportunity to access the benefits of interest rate support and support from the first semester of 2022. Photo: 123RF

China – Bilateral Scholarships with the Government of China

To study in the Asian country, there are offers for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, masters and doctoral degrees. Among the benefits are full payment of tuition fees, four million pesos for housing, and an annual stipend for medical and maintenance insurance. Applications start at the beginning of the year and you can apply through the Chinese Embassy website. Applicable to persons between 16 and 35 years old (maximum 25 years old if applying to university).

United States – Fulbright Scholarships

It offers scholarships to Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities in alliance with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. Professionals from all regions of Colombia interested in postgraduate studies in any of the regions of MinCiencia can apply. Benefits include coverage of airfare, visa processing and costs, and costs for language tests such as TOEFL.

6000 young people will be able to access credits through Icetex subsidies

Similarly, the entity indicated that young people from the country who wish to study their undergraduate degree with long-term credit from Icetex will have the opportunity to access the benefits of interest rate support and support from the first semester of 2022.

He pointed out that The new phase of the Impulsatón campaign is open until December 11which will allow the completion of the 11,000-credit allocation with subsidies for low-income students enrolled in Sisbén IV: Group A, Group B and Group C (up to class C7) during the call for the first semester of 2022.

“With Impulsatón we are dedicated to providing financial support to young people who need it most. The head of the entity, Manuel Acevedo, said that through these resources, which the nation is providing, the most vulnerable students are prioritized for this support so that they can live their higher education experience to the fullest.

The official noted that through this process, credits will be allocated to the targeted youth so that they can access the benefits that include a subsidized interest rate (that is, their credit will only be assessed according to the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI)). and maintenance subsidies ($904,770 subsidies per semester), which vary by increase in the minimum wage.

Icetex noted that on November 13, the first phase of allocating educational credits with these benefits closed, with 5,000 students applying. Your requests are under evaluation. For this new phase, 6,000 new credits will be allocated, thus achieving the target of 11,000 support places for the 2022-1 call.

Impulsatón focuses on students who demand their college credits And meet the requirements of long-term financing lines such as: 0% choose, choose 25%, Colombian than ever, Guarantee Fund – co-location, talent from territorial and constitutional protection.

The entity noted that in this population group, indigenous youth, victims, reintegrated or disabled youth, and youth from priority regions such as Buenaventura, San Andrés Archipelago, Providencia, Santa Catalina and Choco, among others, stand out as potential beneficiaries.

To know the requirements for each of the credit lines focused on Impulsatón, as well as To place the order in the chosen line, it can be done in the format

Similarly, it has been reported that to be aware of calls and initiatives offered through Icetex, you can go to:

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