Coparmix will support students with scholarships – El Sol de Toluca

Mexican Federation of Employers (Coparmix) in the state of Mexico had an approach with young people from UAE And recently with Otzolotepec University to support some students.

The intention is to give Scholarships or industry affiliation The president of that business organization, Jesus Tregos Rodriguez, said with sectors that do not have a relationship, but require support such as young people.

We’re going to see collections where a lot of work hasn’t been done.

He explained that one of these sectors is the student sector, and the goal is to join businessmen from various associations and companies or who are not affiliated with any room or organization to join the initiative.

He explained that these measures could be through granting scholarships or economic incentives to implement specific projects.

He noted that the project arose from the fact that students from the Faculty of Engineering of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEM), who make SAE . Vehicle Prototype They need financial resources to complete it.

It is worth noting that young people reported last week that they need travel expenses and other supplies to participate in future national competitions, and in that category will be held this month in Kalimaya and abroad will be in Tennessee in the United States.

Hence the idea, we talked to some entrepreneurs who are very interested in it. He explained that so far it is envisaged to strengthen this support, in addition to the fact that they can find a source of employment. “That these boys also find a decent job and can represent the state of Mexico.”

With the highest house of Mexican studies, he said, he maintains one broad cooperation agreement. In this regard, businessmen and the Foundation are analyzing actions to be taken jointly, with which they report also rapprochement with young people from Otzolotepec University.

“We’re getting them closer to the auto industry so that these boys can find decent work and represent the state of Mexico.”

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