Convicted of conferring false scholarships to Andres Bello at the University of Caldas

In December 2016, this newspaper verified that Caldas University accepted students Who gave Andres Bello grants illegally. The institution responded to the investigation and was excludedBetween the end of that year and the beginning of 2017, at least 27 students who were already studying different classes were accepted and expelled. In addition, he filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office.

The medicine program included most of those concerned with this matter. Justice went slowly. Five years and four months later, results are just starting to show.

In response to the right of petition, sent by La Patria, the Prosecutor’s Office reported one convicted person and three at trial, without specifying whether they were students. mediators or US officials.

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The facts denounced by the University of Caldas before the accused party are related to the crime of obtaining a forged public document, in this case for the purpose of entering a higher education center.

“The investigation continues, through the collection and analysis of physical evidence, against other alleged perpetrators of this behavior,” the attorney general’s office adds.

How Deception was Born with the Andres Bello Scholarship

Andrés Bello has been awarded by the national government to the best high school graduates, allowing those who receive it to go directly to public universities.

Doubts arose about something strange in Caldas due to the extraordinary increase in admission to this scholarship, In the second semester of 2016 to study from the first semester of 2017.

Medicine, for example, went from receiving a person par excellence for the second semester 2013, to 24 people for the first semester of 2017.

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The director of public prosecutors in Caldas in 2020 was Liliana Castaneda, who noted: “In this case we are executing the systematic program and based on that program orders will be issued. So that the judicial police officers are responsible for checking and implementing the actions that are being investigated to determine what happened and who are the perpetrators of the punishable behavior.”

In 2018, Clara Irene Giraldo was the director of public prosecutors for the department. He stated in June of that year that it was appropriate to locate each student, because the modus operandi (patterns of representation) involved the intervention of mediators, who in turn apprehended students in need of United States entry on that occasion.

Committees have already been sent so that interviews can be received and to obtain as much information as possible For the alleged perpetrators of these punishable behaviours, we are currently awaiting answers.”

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In 2020, the same prosecutor’s office announced that four women had been charged with obtaining a forged public document in an operation related to Andres Bello.

There are 27 people associated with the investigation, according to the evidence collected by the investigation authority. Preliminary sessions were held on 20 September. Nobody accepts responsibility.

Copies were also certified by the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Children and Adolescents in Caldas, where at the time of the events there were nine minors under eighteen years of age who were allegedly involved.

According to the process, graduates from different colleges in the country entered into the registration platform of the University of Caldas fake documents related to the award of the Andres Bello Prize, to choose the races and thus did not pay tuition fees and other costs.

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The Office of the Prosecutor concludes: “An investigation is continuing, through the collection and analysis of physical evidence, against other alleged perpetrators of this conduct.”

In response to the right of petition filed by La Patria, the Public Prosecutor’s Office cites several laws according to which it decides to delete the details of the operation with the argument of preserving the information recorded in the information systems of the entity and the criminal proceedings being carried out.

It indicates: “…certain documents and information held by public entities are protected by a legal reserve, for which reason they must refrain from providing them, under pain of violation of legal rights requiring legal or constitutional protection such as administration of justice, national security or public order.”

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