Consell launches largest call for scholarships of 5.5 million

Valencia. (EP) The Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society held a meeting Scholarships to be exempted from college fees To study at Valencia Universities for total 5.5 million euros for the academic year 2021-2022which is a 10% increase with respect to the previous year’s allocation and, therefore, becomes the largest demand for this method.

Since it is a fee waiver, Universities do not require Pay tuition fees Students who justify the application ScholarshipAnd only if their request is rejected, they must pay it. Application deadline Starts on March 2 and ends on April 1, 2022.

general program for Scholarships and access to higher education that he promoted Universities Department Its budget allocations have been increased over the years in order to reach the largest possible number of Valencian students, facilitate access to higher education and promote equal opportunities, reaching a global amount of 32.3 million euros in 2022.

Specifically, these scholarships are for everyone Students enrolled in the universities that make up the University of Valencia and affiliated centers that take university courses adapted to the European Higher Education Area leading to official bachelor’s degrees and undergraduate master’s degrees, training supplements to accessing or obtaining a master’s degree and supplementary credits to obtaining the degree.

For students enrolled in public universities or affiliated public centres, the scholarship will consist of an exemption from credits registered in the first and/or second call; While students from private universities will receive assistance to pay tuition fees for credits registered in the first and/or second call, the amount of which will be equal to the minimum study price of the same experimental nature stipulated in the Decree Regulation on University Academic Services Fees for the academic year 2021/2022.

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, in descending order until the maximum global amount is exhausted, according to the average grade obtained by the student in the previous or past academic year.

For students entering for the first time in the first year of undergraduate studies, the university entrance mark will be taken into account according to the formula: 60% final high school score) + 40% mark for the compulsory stage of PAU.

For students enrolling for the first time in the first year of an official Master’s degree, the average mark will be the academic record corresponding to undergraduate studies giving access to the Master’s degree.

Applications will be submitted exclusively electronically, through the GVA processing platform within a month from the day following the publication of the call decision in the Official Journal of the Valencian Community.


As a general standard and with a few exceptions, to be eligible for a scholarship, and according to the foundations, the applicant must have registered for at least 60 credits.

In addition, eligible first-year master’s students must credit a grade point average of 6.50 in previous studies that grant them access to a master’s degree, and 7.00 points in the remaining master’s studies.

The average score for both the engineering and architecture branches will be multiplied by the coefficient of 1.17; Second-year students of eligible Master’s degrees must credit a grade point average of 6.50 in the first year, or 7.00 points in the remaining Master’s studies.

Generally, the scholarship recipients will be able to enjoy it during the years stipulated in the study plan.

With regard to the academic requirements for studies leading to a Bachelor’s degree, in general and with few exceptions, applicants must be registered for 60 credits, i.e. in a full-time academic system.

Extraordinarily for this call, with the exception of those who enroll for the first time, the remainder of the students must have passed the following percentages of credits in the last year: in the Arts, Humanities, Social and Legal Branches, 75% of the credits in the Health Sciences Branch, 65% of the credits, and 55% of the credits are in branches of science, engineering and architecture.

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