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Register of beneficiaries Scholarships awarded For high-performance athletes, they experienced a 63% reduction in two years.

According to a list of defunct FODEPAR Fellows – available on the National Transparency Platform- There were a total of 279 athletes benefiting in 2020however, This number will be reduced to 103 by 2022according to the documents handed over to This is amazingThrough the Communication Unit of the National Committee for Physical Culture and Sports (conid), via The order with the paper 330008522000004.

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However, the Federal Agency She did not disclose the amounts that the athletes currently receiveAlthough this newspaper’s order was extended through the first three months of 2022.

Names like Paola Espinosa (Diving), Iván García (Diving), María del Rosario Espinoza (Taekwondo) and Briseida Acosta (Taekwondo) fell off the record, because poor sports results in the last Olympics, along with the standards that established the current government Marginalize them from receiving any encouragement.

“For me, the federal power Watching me to check that the resource ends where it should end “I cannot offer scholarships to contentillo,” Ana Gabriela Guevara, President of Conade, said in an interview with the YouTube channel of journalist Antonio de Valdes.

“Grants can no longer be given to friends, godparents, godparents, and comrades. It can’t be anymore. It has been difficult,” he added in September 2021, after objecting to a file Tokyo Olympicswhen the last amendment was made that there was not only a reduction in the number of sports students, but also in the money they receive since, From earning 30,000 pesos per month, some were reduced to 6,000 pesos.

Everything depends, according to Guevara, on the mathematical results. “Those who did not reach an estimated result, were reduced to 6 thousand pesos; Those who supported them, in the top ten, range from 21,000 to 17,000 pesos. It’s not that they didn’t want to offer scholarships, but that’s the adjustment.”

New standards require athletes Occupying 1st among the top 16 places in the World Championships and Olympic Games To maintain a scholarship.

Register of beneficiaries of the physical culture and sports program for the fiscal year 2022 I have thought of 103 athletes; Diving is the field with the most scholarships for athletes with a total of 14; The list includes Olympic medalists Gabriela Agündez and Alejandra Orozco. It is followed by athletics, which includes 10 athletes who receive financial support.

Taekwondo is one of the most popular sports. Looking at the Tokyo Olympics, there were 23 Taekwondo scholarship holders, and in the current fiscal year, there are only two: René Lizárraga and Leslie Xcaret Single.

no results Carlos Sansoris and Precida Acosta in Tokyo 2020 prevent them from keeping the grant. Triple Olympic medalist Maria del Rosario Espinosa has yet to make an appearance this fiscal year, having been unable to attend last year’s summer show after falling in a qualifying match with Acosta Pallarizzo.

Diving is another sport that gave Mexico medals, They also got a big discount because out of 20 scholarship holders went to 14; Whereas in today’s eight archery there are only six. The three disciplines have given significant results at the international level.

Yes, there is a budget

Ana Guevara, during an event that took place in Guadalajara on March 24, insisted that Scholarships are based on international ranking and results “The time since the confidence was dumped and that was during the Olympic year, we pulled it back months ago when the new operating rules were approved, and we’re still on our way back to give it a polish.”

“What we are looking for is a greater commitment, To have a bigger hand because the grant is not supportit is an economic stimulus that has produced results, and I think it was misinterpreted by some media that tried to intensify the decision to reduce scholarships, but the fund no longer exists, the criteria have changed and now there is an increased demand because we are above the vigilance of the authorities who are aware of the correct application of the resources.”

He added that scholarships are not a question of budget.”It is a matter of discipline and correcting the result of eliminating FODEPAR. Enough, there is sanctuary… What we’ve seen is that some athletes double their scholarship because they receive a state scholarship and they get a federal scholarship, so they take away the opportunity from those who are growing or aspiring to be in that position, is what we’ve changed.”

New amounts will have to wait

National Authority for Physical Culture and Sports Still not separating new scholarship amounts For athletes and high performance athletes.

Once the Summer and Winter Olympics are over, The technical committee is responsible for determining the quantities according to the operating rules Among the incentives announced in January of this year, through the official newspaper of the Federation.

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Records still It has not been uploaded to the National Transparency Platform Until the conclusion of this edition.

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