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Confucius St. Thomas Doubles Chinese Mandarin Students – G5news

Nearly 600 students join the 1 . language learning challengeVerse Semester 2022.

Those who study Mandarin Chinese can do so for a variety of reasons, such as a fascination with that country’s culture, business, scholarship, international relations, etc. Recognizing this growing need, the Santo Tomas Confucius Institute (IC ST) has made online language courses available to its students for the third year in a row, and at the beginning of this term, nearly 600 people have registered to start or continue learning.

From the pandemic onwards, we had an average of 1,500 students enrolled annually, doubling their number in the face-to-face communication method, which in 2019, for example, reached 700 people. This shows a growing interest in the Chinese language and culture, commented Andrea Bizama, Director(s) of the entity.

This is not only with students in Chile, but also with people communicating from abroad, from countries such as China, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Australia, Colombia, UK and even Switzerland.

Bizama also commented that the women most interested in this language are women, with an average of twice as many as men; by 65% ​​versus 35%. “We have students between 14 and 71 years old, from all over the country, from places like the Christmas municipality, for example, who, due to distance, have not been able to study in person,” he added.

Among the advantages of studying at IC ST is having a staff of 21 teachers, including native Chinese, Chilean and accredited foreigners; courses at all levels; Grants and discounts that benefit 75%; A specially designed platform, it contains multimedia materials such as videos, games, audios, exercises and online assessments. In addition, it allows them to connect to their classes through Zoom with live teachers, which are recorded and made available so that they can reinforce their learning.

Other benefits are complementary workshops. Conversational workshops with indigenous Chinese students from our partner university, Anhui University (China); Help and be part of the Patio IC ST virtual collaborative learning community.

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