Commode Lyon warns of impact on athletes due to lack of scholarships

So far, Comude León has an authorized budget of 100 million pesos for the whole of 2022

Carolina Escueda
Lion.- owner Municipal Committee for Sport and Physical Culture of Lyon (social communication), Isaac Pena Valdiviaconfirmed that with the federal cuts to sports grants, about 30 high-performing athletes could be affected with the possibility of representing the country in international competitions.

“We have a list of about 30 high-performing athletes who have a real chance of participating in the next Olympics. Next year we start with the Central American Games, the Pan American Games, the World Cup and the World Championships. Of course (they are at risk) when they are most needed, they should That they have their own travel expenses specifically so they can go out and compete.A lot depends on the sum of the different events, he said.

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Commode Lyon’s budget is 100 million pesos

Currently, Comude León has an authorized budget of 100 million pesos for the whole of 2022, of which 4.5 million are designated as support for high-performance athletes.

Peña Valdivia said that since last year, they have already responded to requests from two athletes and their mixed martial arts coach. Meanwhile, this year they also supported a fencing and two athletics.

Although there was the possibility of asking for more municipal resources to provide support if necessary, the head of the Commode Leon considered that the union was also obligated to contribute a greater part of the percentage, as it was happening, since representation in international competitions is for the whole country.

“They’ve been getting as close to us as possible and we’ve been supporting them, we’re involved in the situation and we’re aware of the lack of support and the cuts that they’ve made, primarily at the federal level, in the case of their scholarships and their travel expenses. (But) they are, who are they?” expression.

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