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We have developed one of the largest scholarship programs in the world promoted by a private company: Santander Scholarships.

The various scholarships that we are promoting from Banco Santander Universities-Santander, through cooperation agreements with nearly 1,000 universities and institutions from 19 different countries, can be found on the website

Only in 2020We have given it Over 48,800 Santander Scholarships and 400 different scholarship programs To enhance students’ digital connectivity, facilitate young people’s access to higher education or enhance national and international academic mobility.

At Universities of Santander, we also support the employment of college students and professionals through scholarships that promote the development of professional, language, digital or transversal skills that improve employment and internship programs in companies and SMEs, we offer them career guidance services, and help them find your job First and start your career. More than 75,200 people benefited from scholarships and other employment support programs in 2020.

As new, starting in 2021, we have expanded, in some programmes, profiles and the age of access to them, paying particular attention to the new needs of the market, To favor and increase employability and encourage continuous learning or lifelong learningas a key factor for academic and professional advancement.

Banco Santander – Santander Universities is a promoter of Santander Scholarship Programs, among which we stand out 7 majorsWithin the areas of our work to promote education and employment:

  • Santander Technology Scholarships that promote learning based on new technologies, programming or technological innovation to master digital and technological languages ​​such as Blockchain, machine learning, cloud and devops or product design strategies.
  • Give Santander Skills that promote the development of transversal skills (soft and hard skills), essential for functioning in the world of work. This major also includes programs aimed at developing entrepreneurial skills for those who are at a very early stage in the entrepreneurship cycle.
  • Santander Scholarships for Women Which seeks to enhance the professional development, leadership capacity and negotiation skills of the next generation of women leaders.
  • Santander Language Scholarships that enhance language proficiency in the work environment.
  • Santander Studies Scholarships Which contribute to the completion of studies through specific assistance in balancing academic excellence and scarcity of resources, as well as generating opportunities for international mobility.
  • Santander Internship Scholarships To enhance employment opportunities among university students through professional practices. The aim of these scholarships is to provide opportunities for recent graduates to access high-quality jobs.
  • Santander Research Scholarships Intended for the financial and economic support of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students in the initiation or continuation of their research plans.

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