Colombia’s Claim to the Organization of American States on Venezuelan Immigration

And for the counselor, Regional support is not only the resource for Colombia“Generates job opportunities, stable and profitable enterprises Every country has its own citizens and the immigration that already exists.”

Marta Lucia Ramirez was candid He said that “Colombia has not benefited from that immigration that is more prepared, more educated, richer than other countries have benefited. At that initial stage of Venezuelan immigration, he was in the United States, Canada, Europe and Spain. we We touched on the less affluent and less efficient sectors, but nevertheless, we assumed it.”

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these Two statements today criticizing the chancellor, were “idiots” for Ronald RodriguezA researcher and spokesperson Venezuela Observatory at the University of Rosario, But he believes that what has been said cannot be extracted from all the “argument the Colombian state was making to it.” Trying to speed up the resources of the international community on the issue of migration.”

at Radio RCNAnd The researcher said that “both President’s Tour [Iván Duque en Europa] Like what the chancellor said, “is to draw the attention of European countries so that resources can be spent quickly.”

And that’s because, he explains, many of those countries have expressed support for Colombia, but “The truth is that the only person who has consistently paid aid is the United States.”

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