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Colombians, happiest in the world, according to Gallup Poll

Although 2021 was a difficult year for thousands of people, due to the economic situation resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, Colombians do not lose their happiness, on the contrary, it is one of the happiest countries in the world.

This was revealed by a survey conducted by Gallup International, Which indicates that 83% of the surveyed citizens They feel very happy or happy.

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Among the 44 countries in the world, Colombia reported that The first place for people who feel happy.

The top five of the happiest countries

  • (+79) Colombia
  • (+76) Kazakhstan
  • (+74) Albanian
  • (+73) Malaysia
  • (+70) Azerbaijan

Similarly, the countries that Fewer indicators of happiness are:

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  • Ghanaian (2)
  • Afghanistan (9)
  • Hong Kong (11)
  • Iraq (17)
  • Russia (18)

Regarding the outlook for the coming year, 38% of all respondents reported being optimistic and confident from what or what It will improve the situation.

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