Colombians: Find out the requirements to apply for a graduate degree in Canada

Canada is the second most popular destination for Mexican immigrants (Image: Flickr)

The Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (Icetex) has opened a call for scholarships for professionals in various fields who wish to apply for a postgraduate degree in Quebec, Canada.

The program offers one scholarship for master’s studies and two scholarships for doctoral studies, awarded in the form of a supplemental tuition fee waiver.

Those interested in advancing Deadline until June 10, 2021, The studies will be conducted between October 2021 and 2024.

The call covers more than ten programs from different fields such as civil, industrial and electrical engineering. cinematography; straight; Political Science; General Security; Literature, Quebec Studies and French Language Instructions; Information and Communication Technology.

Likewise, management science, financial services, and management programs, including taxation, are open; educational sciences; early childhood services; Environmental sciences, sustainable development and renewable energies; rural development and land planning; Nutrition, Nutrients and Functional Foods; agriculture and livestock; And finally, agrifood.

It should be noted that those interested in programs should choose one program only, as they may not apply to more than one program at a time.

If you already know which one you want to take, you should go to Icetex official website and follow the steps. If for any reason a candidate applies through another medium, they will not be considered by the National Scholarship Committee.

The applicant must be over 23 years old and under 65 years old.

Have a minimum average of a Bachelor’s degree (in the case of a master’s degree) or a master’s degree (in the case of a doctorate) 3.7/5.0.

It is preferable to have at least one year of professional experience.

The applicant must have final admission to a master’s or doctoral program at the University of Quebec for the fall 2021 semester.

Adherence to the levels of French or English as required by the university to which it applies.

Applicants should keep in mind when applying that if they have already received an OAS scholarship in the last 12 months, or if they currently have a scholarship for academic studies, they will not be eligible for recall.

“Students are cautioned that in the event of loss of funding for the scholarship programme, the OAS General Secretariat will have to suspend payment to scholarship recipients and/or educational institutions. GS/OAS does not guarantee the permanent availability of funds and all scholarship recipients should be aware that funding The scholarship may end at any time, regardless of the expected amount or duration of the scholarship.” In detail Isetex.

The results of the preliminary selection will be announced in due course after the National Scholarship Committee session, through the email registered by the participant at the time of the application process.

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