College Scholarship Program for Young People Interested in Culinary Arts | Video | NIVISION 45 HOUSTON KXLN

[úsica]Grace: all studentsThey should have the opportunity andaccess to higher education.for this occasionCulinary Arts Scholarships andfood science forStudents with ambitionsStudy at university andAny educational institutionin the culinary arts.To give more details we giveWelcome to managerGoya’s food relations, is aof organizationsBig United States andownersHispanics. Talk to us about how GoyaThis help is provided by>> Thank you very much for hosting meIn your program I am veryProud to be a part of Goya,Because Goya always returns tosocial communication. several years agoWe decided to make a programTo say that the studentsWhich is applied can beChef the future and earn your livingCooking, making greatthings with what is food.Blessing: those who know Goya of usWe know the rich products thatGo ahead, but we love itTalking about this program.Cents from the scholarship programgoya culinary arts. gearis financial aidOffers through scholarships?>> Offers $5000 scholarshipby students who areGrants are awarded and they can receive itFor 3 or 4 years, whilein your career.Sometimes they are of two racesyears, grants are awarded habout 5000Actually there are manyinstitutions.In Houston we have severalCulinary establishments and thisIt is a great help. invite them toEnter Joya’s page,managed by athe organization you manage.Grace: It’s really a fileIncredible opportunity. I wantI ask you. Who canEligible for the scholarship?i want latinosCheer up, it’s not for nothing butLatinos have a flavour.>> Requirements to beChosen is that they must haveWith an overall average of 4.0.appsCitizens and legal residentsAs well as the recipients of DhakaThey are eligible.You must register withinnext school year.It must be an institutionAccredited.Enter it as softwareCulinary Arts or Food SciencenutritionGrace: What is the dateLimit to apply for the scholarship?How do you order it?>> The deadline is the twenty-first ofMarch It is very simple. they canGo to our Joya page,It can be seen in Spanish or inEnglish is an applicationIt is very easy to fill.They must already have their plan.Let me apply for a scholarshipGoya to see if he comes out.It is a very easy process andThey can do today.In Houston there are manyInstitutions and not necessaryBeing in Houston, it’s also inAll of the United States.Grace: let’s sharegoya and . scholarship informationHow do you order it forAsk for it and we invite you toVisit you so much mate yaGoya for being in favor of whatin our society and infor the students.>> Thank you very much, I wishThat those who watchTake a look at the alternativesTo be able to study and

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