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Zapopan City Council maintains several calls in place so that citizens can access various opportunities for academic conduct or preparation.

One of them is the Zapopan Scholarship Focus on continuing their studies in a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics known as STEM In 15 private universities in the municipality.

It’s 50 percent support in making monthly payments while maintaining an average attendance of 8.5 and 80 percent as a minimum. Among the careers considered for support are digital animation and video games, civil engineering, biomedicine, software, aerospace, and graphic design, among others depending on the university.

The application process began on March 21 and ends on May 22.

What are the requirements for a Zapopan scholarship?

  1. You have completed the upper middle level or you are about to start the levelTop.
  2. Be registered, studying or have studied in the past 12 months of STEM (STEM) positions
  3. Have a school average of over 8.5
  4. The Academic Committee appointed by the Zapopan Municipal Economic Promotion Directorate will be responsible for carrying out the task. The choice depends on the nature of the program in question.
  5. Adoption of the economic situation through a socio-economic study conducted by an independent body.
  6. According to the gender parity criterion, scholarships awarded on a semester basis should be distributed at 50 percent to women and 50 percent to men.

Documents to be submitted for the Zapopan Scholarship

  • If you are of legal age, present a valid official ID with the address in Zapopan (INE/IFE, passport, military card).
  • If you are a minor or a person on ban, submit a copy of your current official identification (passport, military ID).
  • Proof of valid Zapopan address, for no longer than 3 months after it was issued (can be a receipt for water, electricity, land phone, bank statement, and a letter from the neighborhood association or colonists’ chief on letterhead and original stamp).
  • Two letters of recommendation (1 personal and 1 academic).
  • Studies certificate issued by the academic institution.
  • Motivation letter prepared by the student, which should contain: general statements, family, social and economic context, motivations and aspirations, and also include the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interview with the Academic Committee for Scholarships in Zapopan.

You can apply on the official page

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