Cobay Launches Call for Scholarships for Excellence in English

Merida, Yucatan. – that Yucatan High School (Kobay) Release advertisement about the program “Excellence Scholarship in English‘, in order to promote learning among its students.

Registration will be valid from April 25 to May 6; Participants must submit the application to the director of each campus.

Yesterday, in the Official Gazette of the State Government, the rules for operating the stipend or assistance program making up this scholarship, which ordinary students who are in the fourth semester of high school can aspire to, do not owe subjects at the time of enrollment, be an average limit Minimum 80 in the previous semester and 80 in the English subject.

This support seeks to engage students in an exercise to apply and enhance the English language material, which is included in the curriculum map. Those selected will travel to Monterrey to participate in an outstanding activity, called this year: the Advanced English Course with a communicative approach.

Al-Kobi explained that the grant consists of participating in the Excellence Activity, which lasts eight days, from July 4 to 11, and includes the cost of housing, food, air transport, course payment and economic support in the amount of three thousand pesos: it is for 20 participants (10 women and 10 men).

It was highlighted that among the benefits that this program can bring to students is that it is an opportunity to expand and develop English vocabulary, improve grammar and use of language, learn to develop critical thinking and personal interaction, as well as to gain confidence in communicating with others.

In addition to being a regular student in the fourth semester, another requirement to apply for the scholarship is that you not owe subjects at the time of enrollment, that you have a GPA of at least 80 in the previous semester and 80 in English subject, to complete the third semester in Cobay, fill out scholarship application form, send response letter signed by teacher, register for student insurance and support selection test.

Likewise, the call states that said selection test will be applied on Saturday, May 21 at 10:00 a.m. on the Santa Rosa campus, to determine the list of twenty scholarship recipients. The exam will be prepared by the institution organizing the course and applied at the place mentioned by Copay.

Applicants will be able to check results through the Campus Manager or on the Cobay page starting May 30 at 2:00 PM. Those selected will be notified by phone and email, as well as required to attend the scholarship delivery meeting at the date and place specified by this Subsystem.

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