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Rosa Maria Baia lost her father nearly ten years ago, in what she called a “state attack” while the Cuban government called it a car accident, and after Russia was expelled from the UN Human Rights Council, she should of course do Cuba to be next.

“It is a shame that Cuba is a member of the council, when Russia leaves, Cuba has to follow not only its dictatorship, but all the dictatorships that are currently in place,” he claims in an interview with EFE in Madrid.

Baia, who has been living in Miami (USA) for several years, is in Spain to participate in several conferences and present a documentary about the death of his father in 2012, in a car accident that the family claims to have caused.

“We Cubans will achieve justice when there is democracy and independent courts in Cuba, and at the same time the action of the international community is at least necessary to stop the impunity with which the Cuban regime practices state terrorism and continues to commit crimes against humanity.” , He says.

The crime of Oswaldo Bay Á and Harold Cipero

On July 23, 2012, activists Oswaldo Paya, coordinator of the Christian liberation movement, and Harold Cipero lost their lives in a car accident driven by Spanish politician Angel Carromero, of the conservative Popular Party.

Then the Cuban government revealed that the Spanish politician had his driver’s license suspended and hinted at bad driving as the cause of the accident in which his opponents were killed, while the family denounced a murder orchestrated by the island’s administration.

In the documentary, which will be shown next Saturday in Madrid, “all confirmed and verified facts are told to independent organizations,” according to the opponent’s daughter, the first Cuban dissident to receive the EU Sakharov Prize for Human Rights. .

The family continues to fight in international forums until the “Cuban dictatorship” receives a “report of condemnation” from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

“Last December we saw many relatives and many people from within the island, whose names are still hidden, and we can see sensitivity to where the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is going, in the coming weeks or months we expect a report condemning the Cuban dictatorship,” he reveals.

An ‘unfavorable’ position for Spain and the European Union

The activist considers the position of Spain and the European Union “insufficient” in the face of the escalation of “repression” on the island and calls on both the Spanish government and the European Union to seek to end their cooperation agreement with the island.

“The past few years have been particularly frustrating and outraging when the will of the Cuban people for change was so clear, at a time when repression was at the level of state terrorism in my country, that the position of the Spanish government and the European Union seemed to us to be very insufficient.”

Despite this, he celebrates the “important efforts to call for an urgent meeting” or “suspend the cooperation agreement with Cuba” that took place in the European Parliament, where he believes that “Spain’s position is fundamental”, as “they are in time to change those positions”.

With this in mind, he called for sanctions against the island’s political and military leaders “to impose consequences on the criminals who are in power in Cuba.” Hence he thanks “all the countries that welcome all the Cubans fleeing the island, a strategy of the government to expel them”.

And despite the erosion of the oppression he denounces, it is clear that the Cuban people’s “freedom conviction” will lead to a “time of change.”

“There is a clear determination that it is over, my father was convinced of that strength in Cuban citizenship, and the night will not be eternal and with the July 11 – 2021 marches against the Cuban government – we are beginning to see the dawn,” he declared.

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