Chino Enoch requests the resignation of Rosario Murillo and blames Arturo Macfields’ complaint

Marlon Sainz, better known as Chino Enoch, one of the historic soldiers of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), has stressed that it is imperative that Rosario Murillo, who is raping the Vice President of Nicaragua, resigns from her position. Meanwhile, he blames it on the fact that the former Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS, Arturo Macfields, denounced her internationally, because the appointment of this diplomat was made by Murillo because he was a trusted person in the OAS. she.

“This boy from the United Nations or rather from the Organization of American States, a trusted person from Rosario, who recently appointed him. I have always said that the deputies with the sons of diplomats, the chiefs of the police with the sisters of the deputy ministers or the daughters of ministers, I have decried here…because I think That it is necessary for Rosario to resign, and here the culprit of all this is Rosario Murillo, ”Chino Enoch said in a video clip on social networks.

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Similarly, the historic campaigner stated that the crippling resignation of Vice President Rosario Murillo would not create any division in the Sandinistas because those who support it are so few for fear of being left without a job or college scholarships.

“I think it is imperative that Rosario Murillo resigns here. The culprit in all of this is Rosario Murillo and she wouldn’t cause us any division if it was the state officials supporting her and about four young people doing it because they should humiliate themselves because if they didn’t shoot,” Marlon Sanz said. They should or stop giving them the assistance they get through the Ministry of Youth and direct them to withdraw their scholarships there at UNEN.”

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Last Wednesday, the former ambassador and representative of Nicaragua to the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States, Arturo Macfields, denounced the injustice and actions of the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo as the first diplomatic official to contradict his official rhetoric. Government publicly before an international forum.

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