Check ICFEs Results and Apply to Scholarship Programs

Starting from the 27th of next November, about 650 thousand people, Most students from calendar A schools in the country, who have submitted their State Saber 11 exams, will be able to see the results of these exams taken nationally.

General Manager of Icfes Mónica Ospina Londoño, He stated that students who have taken the Saber 11 test can check their results on and find out how to apply for Generation E or funding options with Icetex.

“Nearly 650,000 people who were called to take the Saber 11 Calendar A test, on September 4 and 5, can now check their results,” he said.

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He added that the entity would offer a different way of knowing The results of these examinations were carried out at the national level.

“From Icfes this year we are introducing to those taking this state test, a new interactive results report format that gives students the opportunity to navigate through different interfaces that make it easier to understand the contents of the report: global score, test scores, percentages and performance levels for each of the five areas that make up the Saber test. 11″.

The official pointed out that in the new report, the “Upgrades” section appears, where they find useful information with the options offered by the national government to fund higher education studies, such as The Generation E program and the various Icetex credit lines, Strategies that facilitate the transition to higher education for students who receive their results today.

“By 2022, having approved the Free Enrollment Policy, Provided by Article 27 of the Social Investment Law, greater opportunities for access and continuation of higher education are provided to young people from the country’s most vulnerable families of classes 1, 2 and 3, who will be able to enter 63 years. Institutions scattered throughout the national territory.

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He said that high school graduates 2021 and those who have achieved the best results, and who meet the requirements of the Generation E Excellence component, upon viewing the results of the Saber 11 exams, a message will be activated immediately directing them to the form to start the application process to obtain funding for study and maintenance support provided by the program.

He emphasized that it was important for interested secondary school graduates to know the requirements set for equity and excellence on the website

You can also learn about the races in another tab of the results report, where the person is introduced Additional information on technical programs was evaluatedOr technological or university studies that may interest you and at which institutions you can study in Colombia.

Educational institutions and Ministers of Education will have access to the total results of the tests Meet 11 calendars A and B, starting on Saturday 18th December“, handle.

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