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Barrancabermeja Mayor Alfonso Elgash launched the Centennial Scholarships Friday, which will provide incentives of $10 million or more so that Barranquínos can pursue major and master’s studies.

The President indicated that in this way 100 scholarships will be offered in addition to the selection process, the condition being that the beneficiaries give back their knowledge for the development of the city.

Requirements to access the Centenary Scholarships will be posted on the Barrancabermeja District Mayor’s Office page.

During the event, incentives were also given to high school graduates, industry workers and athletes, including Liseth Mora, an outstanding high school alumna who dreams of being a doctor and who took home $100 million so she can make her dream come true.

Two projects will be submitted for education

In this regard, Barrancabermeja’s Minister of Education declared that “for more than 10 years, the district has been working on an education policy and in the next few days we will present it to the district council”.

“This initiative is called Barrancabermeja, the City of the Cultured for Education, and it was signed last Friday by Mayor Alfonso Ilgach, the Ministry of Education and heads of various institutions,” the official said.

Likewise, the Educational Infrastructure Public Policy Project was signed, which seeks to adapt and maintain many of the region’s institutions.

In addition, this project seeks to invest a mandatory component for this purpose of the free destination resources owned by the District and this decision is not subject to the discretion of any particular government.

According to data from the district administration, to date, more than 13,000 scholarships have been awarded by the current government in meritorious scholarship routes and life-changing scholarships, and the investment has reached more than $11 billion.

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