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Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the UV Foundation

Instructor Facundo Pacheco Rojas, Director General of the UV Foundation, confirmed during his participation in the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the University of Veracruzana (FUV) in the annex room of the Talquna Cultural Center, in the presence of the President of the University, Dr. Both cases, benefactors, scholarship holders, students and the general public, an occasion on which the path of the founding members and honorary members were recognized and a brief tour of the most relevant events that gave direction and strength to this institution.

Pacheco Rojas highlighted that in these three decades, the strength was in the management of the various spaces that were given on loan to the foundation, such as the CAD Xalapa Campus, an area of ​​more than 30 hectares that receives daily more than 4 thousand people and 2000 vehicles; Campus Ixtaczoquitlán, in coordination with the university authorities; and the Tlaqná Centro Cultural, one of the most important acoustic venues in the country.

Pacheco Rojas highlighted one of his achievements, the scholarship program, a 30-year-old focused on supporting UV students at risk of dropping out of their studies for economic reasons. Currently, it is also collaborating with the Bécalos Program in alliance with Universidad Veracruzana, with the aim of benefiting more UV students.

Another important element is the co-production of important artistic and cultural events such as the show “Garrocho”, the documentary “Grandes de Tlacotalpan”. Entre décimas y sones”, International performance of Isla Lunagua, Documentary “Solentiname” by Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal, Staging of “Cara a Cara, Journey to the Pre-Hispanic Underworld”, Concert by Susana Zabaleta, opera Las Bodas de Fígaro, among others Other things, are prominent activities in these three decades due to their importance, as well as the management of project resources between university entities and corporate or government agencies, such as SAGARPA, Nestlé, Avon, Fomento Social Banamex, etc.

Another notable point, which shows maturity and institutional strengthening, is the thirty years in which it has maintained the authorized business category.

Donors trust that FUV fulfills its mandate, respects their rights, and is fully compliant with legal and financial requirements, as well as accountability to the SAT, the Federation (with the Transparency Act), the university, donors and society at large. The opening of the Cancer Care Center of the “Equipment Emergency – Life Emergency” project in 2018 was the result of 4 years of work, strengthening the management capacity, procurement and management of UV funds.

Find out here about the UV Foundation’s timeline from 1992 to 2022

Professor Xavier Cózar Angulo, who has supported the scholarship program permanently since 2013, on behalf of the donors, noted that “academic excellence goes hand in hand with human excellence. Let us remember that we have all needed to help someone at some point” and invited him to join in supporting the Foundation’s programs because “There is a shortage of donors and there are a lot of people who need our support.” One of the most emotional moments to celebrate the 30th anniversary was the handing out of medals to the associate and founder members in recognition of their professions, the entrepreneurs and outstanding members of the Veracruz community, who have contributed their knowledge and time to support the causes of UVFoundation.

Full Associates medals were handed out by Dr. Flor Lucila Delfín Pozos and Engineer Graciela Amanda García Treviño, President and Member of the Xalapa Scholarship Committee, respectively. These medals were given to the founders’ partners by the President of the University of Veracruzana, Dr. Martín Gerardo Aguilar Sánchez, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the UV Foundation, Engineer Jesús Antonio López Rosas, who stated in his speech that “the institution has always been committed to the University and will always act in its favor and will continue its mission to make it the best on the planet.” launch”.

Martín Gerardo Aguilar Sánchez, President of Universidad Veracruzana, commented in his message to the attendees, “If there is something that links the UV work program and the Foundation as a common thread, it is precisely empathy and alignment with the other and in particular with our students. On the 30th anniversary of the example This friend and sister, I thank you for the sympathy you have for our institution, for putting it into practice, for translating it into benefits for our society and our society, for upholding good values ​​and principles such as trust, solidarity and dignity, for finally maintaining trust in the human being, in the other, in ourselves.”

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of the UV Foundation is an opportunity to further strengthen the connection with the university community and bring it closer to the community of Veracruz, with the aim of making them more aware of the functions that this civic association performs. Learn more by going to www.fundacionuv.org.

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