Carlos Slim Foundation How to enroll in the blacksmithing course

One of the most in-demand professions in Mexico is the profession of blacksmithing, a person who works in this can earn approx 5,239 and 13,963 pesos per month. For this reason, the Carlos Slim Foundationthrough his website Get job trainingProgress Free blacksmithing course.

One of the advantages is that this a path taken in a way Virtual and it’s freeThose interested will learn techniques, tools, and safety measures so that they can assemble, cut, weld, polish and shape different metals to create tools, furniture, doors, railings, and porches.

Carlos Slim Foundation, How to register for the blacksmithing course. Photo: Freepik

What topics they will see and how to register

This course consists of four levels, it is divided into daily lessons in which those interested will learn the following topics:

  • Identification of iron, steel and aluminum sectors
  • Cutting iron and aluminum sectors with sandpaper
  • Description of the design of aluminum structures for the manufacture of doors, windows and screens
  • Self-welding safety equipment management
  • Description of slab and corner structures design
  • Cutting, welding and polishing windows with metal profiles

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Another advantage is that each level contains lessons, which are reinforced with multimedia support materials such as video lessons, so that applicants know how to apply the knowledge in a practical way.

Participants will be able to take lessons whenever they want and then answer the test for each lesson as many times as they need. The purpose is for them to be able to identify the topics they already control and to reinforce those that are necessary.

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To register for the course, simply go to the Training for Employment page and log in with an email and password. In addition to this course, the platform offers other free programs.

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