Canadian Ambassador visited UNA with proposals on mobility

On March 29, the Concurrent Ambassador to the Government of Paraguay based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, His Excellency Red Douglas Sears, accompanied by Michael Kolje, Canada Delegate for Education and Agriculture, visited the National University of Asuncion (UNA) for a series of talks on International Mobility Grants and Research Internships .

Following the opening of the event, Ambassador and Professor Dr. Edgar Sanchez, Director General of Graduate Studies and International Relations (DGPRI-UNA), Andrea Kopelnik, responsible for promoting studies in Canada and member of the visiting delegation, introduced the students to the possibilities of going to Canada for internships.

During the talk, the audience was able to get to know the North American country from its different aspects culturally, geographically and academically. Additionally, they entered into management tracks to study there; Either through the Emerging Leaders Program in the Americas (ELAP), with the CALDO Consortium Universities or through the Carlos Antonio López National Scholarships (BECAL).

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Then, the President of the United Nations University, accompanied by the Director of DGPRI-UNA and Dr. Francisco Ramirez, Director of International Relations (DRI-DGPRI-UNA), received the Ambassador in his office, accompanied by the delegate of Education and Agriculture.

During the meeting, the Rector mentioned the importance of internationalization as one of the main lines of action at UNA. With that in mind, he thanked the embassy representatives for providing these opportunities to Paraguayan and Paraguayan students.

In this sense, the authorities have spoken of the importance of internationalization and its impact on the lives of young people who bring with them a life with multicultural experiences.

Finally, the Ambassador and his team promised to establish a more fluid relationship with Paraguay, at least once a month, in order to strengthen relations and to consider establishing an embassy in Paraguay in the near future.

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