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Canada Offers Americas Scholarship for Young Peruvians: Here are the RMMN Application Requirements | Economie

Due to the current instability in our country, Canadian universities are betting on Peruvian talent who are considering emigrating abroad for Work or continue studying With a desire for a better future.

In this regard, Hilbert Marques, Director of SCCanada and representative of two Canadian universities, stated:The goal is for more Peruvians to immigrate to Canada because of the ease of study and employment. We deal with two audiences: young people who have finished high school or professionals solo or with a family who want to pursue a postgraduate degree. On March 30th, we will do a free webinar with Western Canada University“, He said.

He indicated that they hope to provide information and evaluate the profile of the interested parties, as not everyone qualifies, in addition to the details of investment in studies, benefits and times.

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In fact, it is important that the English language be able to qualify and the steps to follow so that later, once they have completed their studies, they can work in Canada.“, he added.

Marquez explained that the most comfortable option to study abroad is Canada and is relatively closer, given the opportunities it offers. “After studying and working, you can get a residence visa“, Flour.

Scholarships for the Americas

Hilbert Marquis said Canada West University has Americas Scholarship, whose discount is higher than other study houses.

It has undergraduate and graduate programs. For all programmes, the university offers scholarship only to Latin American and only this institution offers it“, pointed out.

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How do you access the scholarship?

The expert said that to access the Americas Scholarship you only need a Peruvian passport. This scholarship is for all people who live in the area. “This scholarship is partial, but there are percentage discounts“, he added.

Hence, he also made it clear that after the webinar, students who wish can ask for information and he and his team will be on hand to clear queries.

What are the requirements for a scholarship in Canada?

If you hold a Bachelor’s degree:

  • University text
  • Bachelor degree
  • resume (resume)
  • English (can give TOEFL, ielts or Duolingo)

If you only have a school:

  • School mark sheet
  • English (can give TOEFL, Ielts or Duolingo)

Marques said university admission usually takes 20 to 30 days, then applying for a student visa takes an average of three months.

Upon completion of studies, you can access a Postgraduate Work Permit (PGWP) at the same time as the studies. This PGWP allows you to work with the goal of applying the knowledge gained and gaining Canadian experience.

Benefits in Canada

Marques argued that Canada is now the best country to live in because it gives you many benefits.

You are allowed to study and work, you can travel with your family group, the school of both primary and secondary schools is free, it covers the health issue, unlike the US, which is more complex. After that, you can get a residence visacommented.

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