Can I get a scholarship other than Youth Writing the Future 2022?

Are you interested in applying for any other scholarship, you need to know if you are already a beneficiary of the Jovenes Escribiendo el Futuro 2022 programme.

According to the controls stipulated in the program’s operating regulations Young people write the future 2022This is not compatible with any other type of support or scholarship granted by Mexico government Intended for the same purpose.

However, there are some characteristics that you can take to your advantage if you wish to apply for another scholarship programme.

Pay close attention to this information!

Young people write the future 2022

The Benito Juarez Higher Education Sponsorship Scholarship It targets undergraduate students or university technicians from government schools in the country.

How much is the support?

The scholarship is support 2000 pesos per month And you can get it while 10 months of your school year You can renew it up to a maximum 45 months as long as the enrollment or enrollment continues.

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What other scholarships can you apply for?

If you are a beneficiary of Scholarship Youth Write the Future And if you are interested in being part of another support, it is very important to know that, at the federal level, you do not have access to the program.

However, if the state or municipal government in the community in which you live, or some private company or organization offers you a scholarship, you can apply for it.

For example, is Santander Bank We launched the 2022 Santander Maintenance Call, which offers 9 thousand pesos to continue studying.

So, pay attention to the various calls that open in your municipality; This way you can complete the support provided by Youth Program Writing the Future 2022.

Reasons for losing the scholarship for young people write the future 2022

Finally, it is essential that you know that applying for another type of scholarship from the pool of possibilities Benito Juarez Health ProgramThis may cause you to lose your support.


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