Campaign proposals for Carolina Viggiano, candidate for governor of Hidalgo

After the project is announced Toltec train connecting Hidalgo to Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) As well as a series of support that focused on women candidates for the position of governor of the coalition He goes to Hidalgo, Carolina Viggiano, Austria, Among its proposals is a series of measures targeting the countryside.

Federal Representative with a license from Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) It was proposed to establish a central center for the collection and distribution of agricultural products of the Mezquital Valley.

In addition to an agro-industrial zone in Nopala and Huichapan, an agro-industrial zone in Huasteca as well as seeds for producers of Tulancingo, support for coffee and magoi producers and installation of 30 machine plants.

According to the candidate, who put forward all her proposals from the first day of the campaign, there will be machines and equipment in addition to field schools so that there will be greater and better production.

In addition, For young people, mobile phones, tablets and the Internet are available to everyone“With me you will not lack a cell phone, tablet or data, connectivity in every corner of Hidalgo.”

at risk Cancellation of registration fees in public universities and scholarships With increasing quantity and quality, in addition to returning scholarships to study abroad as well as the free virtual university.

For young people, he also raised Ensure the acquisition of your home or apartment in addition to expanding community kitchens and food banks In all areas nursing homes, paving and rehabilitation of roads, Field machinery and equipment, lining channels.

Austria offered Viggiano Protecting the state in terms of security and zero tolerance for animal abuseTula pollution rescue and three development pole projects for the regions of Huicapán, Tolansengo and the Pachuca-Tizaoca Corridor.

As well as paving and rehabilitating rural roads and the home of health and fullness for the elderly, where they are treated comprehensively and in a timely manner with dental services, dialysis, audio and entertainment aids.

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