Cambridge English Language Proficiency Test in 48 hours

Linguaskill allows you to assess your knowledge of the English language in order to be eligible for international postgraduate scholarships or to apply for a competition.

If you need to certify your level of English quickly and safely, Cambridge English Assessment has Linguaskill test onlineIt is aimed particularly at university students and graduates who need to adopt this language, either to be eligible for scholarships (La Caixa, ICEX, etc.), a place at Erasmus or to participate in competitive examinations.

the test Assessed at levels A1 to C1 or higher Within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​and recognized by CRUE (Conference of Deans of Spanish Universities) and ACLES (Confederation of Language Centers in Higher Education).

This multi-level test is taken online through a computer from a test center, and goes on Adapt the difficulty level of the questions Based on candidate responses. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence applied by experts from the University of Cambridge, the exact level of language proficiency is measured quickly, safely and in line with CEFR levels.

In addition, in Cambridge they have a variety of resources to prepare for this exam, from exam templates to read listen, even tips for each unit. You can also contact a Linguaskill agent who will tell you all the steps to follow to take the test, tips to prepare and how to register for the test.

Once the tests are completed, Results are available within 48 hours. You will get a test report which you can send directly to the university or company so that they can validate the said report. Linguaskill is neither a pass nor a failure, but it does provide an accurate glimpse into your English language proficiency level.

· What do Linguaskill tests look like?

Linguaskill is a file standard test Who has the option to choose which modules to perform independently: read listen (sum), speak also writing. The read listen lasts between 60-85 minutes; The writing 45 minutes and speak 15 minutes. Exams do not have specific dates and are taken by many Cambridge English exam centers located in Spain.

so in Maximum 2 hours and 25 minutesThis test accurately assesses the candidate’s knowledge and skills in the English language in four different skills. If you need to improve your results, you can take the module you want after six months and thus focus your efforts on those skills that are most valuable or that you need most to achieve your academic or business goals.

· Who Recognizes Linguaskill Certificate?

It is recognized by CRUE and ACLES, meaning it has been accepted as an English language level accreditation for Get a college degree. Many universities such as Andalusia, Catalonia, Canary Islands, Community of Madrid, Valencian Community, Castilla y León, Galicia, Basque Country or distance universities already recognize it as an official exam.

between the destinations Which accept Linguaskill as an official proof of English are AENA, Renfe, Correos, Ministries and Departments of Education of Andalusia, Aragon, Extremadura, Madrid or La Rioja or the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. Likewise, it is correct to request Scholarships From the La Caixa Foundation or ICEX Business Internationalization Scholarships, which require a B2 level in English. If you want it to help you get into the job market, it is also accepted by many multinational companies.

Linguaskill offers speed, flexibility and accuracy in the English language credential from technology and academic support from the University of Cambridge, which adds over 100 years of assessment experience.

You can access the Linguaskill test at

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