Call for young people who want to study to be programmers

The TIC It has become one of the most important fields in the world of work, as technological innovations have made this field one of the most sought after globally.

Colombia is not far from training employees and building innovative projects for technologies such as Rabbi, my love or my palazzi, AndCompanies whose valuation has reached nearly $1,000 million without having a presence in the stock exchange. In case Bogota, It has been called a flagship of this tech ecosystem, being included in the list of 100 Emerging Entrepreneurship Ecosystems worldwide, according to the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER).

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Despite this boom in technology, talent being trained in ICT fields is scarce, with programmers being one of the sectors worst affected. According to the figures of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology by 2021 There was a shortfall of more than 150,000 of these professionals to meet the demand.

Inviting 300 young people wishing to train and work as programmers

Programming is one of the primary professions for construction technology companies, which is why Make It Real, an academy set up by a group of entrepreneurs and tech leaders, has created “Top’It is a program that trains you as an integrated web developer.

With this program you will learn languages ​​like JavaScriptIn addition to enhancing the personal and English language skills that motivate students to work in companies such as Globant, LeanTeach, Mastery, Siigo, Habi, Masiv, La Haus, Among other things.

summoning Started on April 5th and ends on May 20thwhere more than 300 people are requested to come on the web ( and learn about this universe.

“Our software is very personal and practical. You don’t learn programming by watching videos, One learns to code. It’s also important to have the support of an experienced person who will guide you and resolve any doubts that may arise, said German Escobar, founder and current CEO of Make It Real.

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For those who apply They will have to complete a series of technical and personal interviews to determine their competencies Regardless of your previous studies. After their selection and completion of their training, this organization will help them to find a job in the technology sector in a maximum period of six months in start-ups and innovative companies in the region looking for local talent.

The CEO of Make It Real sees it necessary to continue promoting the nation’s capital as a “hub” for development, innovation and startup building. “however, Both in Colombia and in the world, there is data on breaches of more than two million developersThis becomes a challenge that public entities, EdTech, and universities, among other institutions, must face.”

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