Call for INTI Scholarships 2022

The mission of the INTI Scholarship System is to promote and accompany the training of students and graduates of undergraduate and undergraduate level, as well as postgraduate students and young researchers from universities (especially public universities) and other institutions of the country. Institute and national industry issues.

During 2021, the Institute revitalized the entry of advanced students by implementing the new INTI Training and Research Regulations, which allowed the award of 61 undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships (38 at Miguelete Technology Park and 23 at the rest of the headquarters in the country), in order to enhance the various technological capabilities of the organization .

In this opportunity, 106 new scholarships are available to generate new knowledge and greater technological expertise, develop innovations and strengthen links between the work groups of the organization and other institutions. In all cases, the scholarships will be of a formative nature, which means that they may not interfere with the normal development of the studies of those entering.

New scholarship holders will be integrated into projects of different fields of INTI and will be mentored and directed by the Scholarship Manager or Teacher, a professional from the Institute, who will direct the preparation of the business plan and will be responsible for its monitoring throughout the duration of the scholarship. The activities to be developed will be linked to research and development, extension and technology transfer.

In the application form, the interested person must indicate in detail the project(s) for which he or she wishes to apply, always keeping in mind the relevance of the topic to the field of study being developed.

Scholarship types and requirements

Scholarship for undergraduate or higher education students: For those studying a degree or at an undergraduate level institution who have completed more than 50% of the degree (exclusive).

Postgraduate Scholarships: For students or prospective students (with registration) for majors, master’s, doctoral and post-doctoral degrees. Requirements: Have a degree title attested and certified or validated by the relevant authorities of the national government and study or join a post-graduate job.

INCALIN PhD Scholarships: To obtain a PhD in Quality and Industrial Innovation from INCALIN (UNSAM-INTI). Graduates of university professions who wish to undertake research assignments on the topics listed in the contact link.

Applicant selection procedure
Once the form is completed and the applicant has attached the CV, the analysis of the exclusive requirements for the application (level of study, job, project where they are framed, etc.) begins. In the event that the applicant complies with it, the process of evaluation and selection of the profiles submitted in a particular project will begin, which is responsible for the Institutional Grants Committee, which together with the project managers will conduct interviews and issue the corresponding approval opinion. (More information on amounts and duration in the scholarship regulations)

Projects, Profiles, and Website
Undergraduate Scholarships 2022
INCALIN PhD Scholarships 2022
Master’s Scholarships – Specialization 2022

Registration links
Application for Bachelor’s Scholarships
Scholarships for majors and masters
INTI-INCALIN PhD Scholarship Application

Application deadline: March 15th
Estimated entry date: May/June 2022

Queries: [email protected]

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