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The smart language academy, Which has been in the market for 24 years now, wants to expand its scholarship program. Mario Setina, Commercial Director of Smart, in an interview with Portafolio, talks about the company’s goals for this year.

Let’s talk about Scholarship Program for Top Students by Icfes
What we want with these scholarships is to continue to enhance what we have been doing since last year. we Language Academy We have understood the responsibility we have as part of education in the country and to be able to promote the entire bilingual process.

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How does this program work?

We want to reward the students who achieve the best results in Icfes, in both Calendar A and B. In both sectors: public and private. However, one difference this year is that we want to expand that coverage.

Now, how long are the English language courses for each level?

In Smart Online, the platform includes from basic level 1 to advanced level 1, and there are five levels. These levels are similar to those in the general system: A1, A2, B1 and so on. All these levels are contemplated for an entire year.

Expectations for this year?

We want to develop 60,000 students for this year. In this sense, our goal is to end 2022 with over 110,000 students enrolled.

What was the learning behavior in the epidemic?

People really stopped looking for courses that had an investment for fear of what might happen in the future. So there was a decrease in the search for courses.

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However, at SMART, due to the recognition that we did not advance with losses, we were able to sustain ourselves, without losing our employees. In addition, we take the opportunity to renovate our facilities.

What companies are asking more of those who are learning a second language?

Call center especially in sales and services. This part hits a lot because companies coming to Colombia find it in the country: firstly, cheaper labor, and secondly, a neutral tone, which is what we have in the country.


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