Business in the epidemic: more than 500 new projects opened in Jesus Maria | News

More than 500 companies have started operating in the Jesús Maria area in the past six months, mainly in the areas of food and beauty, followed by groceries and mini markets, the municipality of this jurisdiction said.

After two years of a complex health emergency due to COVID-19, during which thousands of lives were lost and many work centers closed, “Hope for Business and Entrepreneurship The local government, in a press release, said they are making their way in Jesus Maria.

The mayor of Jesus Maria, Jorge Quintana, saluted the spirit and resilience of the neighbor who, whether or not he lived in the area, “bet on Invest your savings and talents to open a business In this way, create sources of work to generate their own resources.

“The Issuance of operating licenses in record time Only 30 minutes, in addition to the security of the citizen in the area, makes Jesús María an ideal place for investment”, emphasized the mayor.

safety and training

One of the main threats to businesses of all sizes is crime – thefts and thefts – which, in the region, has been greatly reduced thanks to Running patrols for Serenago personnel 24 hours a day, Quintana noted.

The authority also indicated that the local administration promoted the holding of free conferences presented by prominent speakers from the Arab Republic of Egypt Universidad del Pacifico and the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, Among other institutions located in Jesús Maria.

Most of the new projects started working almost in the pandemic and with their own resources from social networks and “word of mouth”. The gradual consolidation of many entrepreneurs led to The embodiment of their initiatives in a physical space of jurisdiction.

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Publication date: 9/9/2022

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