BUAP launches a call for scholarships for outstanding students

Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP) The call for comprehensive scholarship program 2022 has been issued In order to provide support to improve the conditions and possibilities of working hours and to complete the studies of its students.

Academic excellence, social, economic and university talent, These are the four types of Scholarships from Top Home Studies in the state whose students who enroll in Upper Intermediate Level, Higher College Technician, and Bachelor’s Degrees in Direct-to-Face, School and Semi-School modalities can compete for it.

The Excellence Scholarship Awarded to students with average higher than 9.5, Consists of financial support Five thousand and 500 pesos It includes the period from January to May 2022; The Academic, Socio-Economic and University Scholarships are in support of 4,000 pesos for the current study period.

Interested students can enter the site


To apply for a scholarship in the BUAP Scholarship Registration System

Until 5:00 pm on April 6 this year

so it is necessary to have your organization mail.

In order to give certainty and transparency to the scholarship award procedure, BUAP will establish the modus operandi of the Qualified Technical Committee which will be responsible for verifying that the requirements and task are met. TheThe results of the selection process will be announced on April 22, 2022 through the following link www.becas.buap.mx,

The BUAP Excellence Scholarship is aimed at a community of students at the upper secondary level, higher technical university and bachelor’s degrees who have a general average of 9.5 or higher and have passed all subjects. In the case of high school, they must be in the third year; For students with a higher technical college level and bachelor’s degree, they must have completed a minimum of 70 percent and a maximum of 90 percent of the credits.

to me ScholarshipBUAP asks its students to obtain a file GPA of 9.0 or higher, in the case of new students, the average to be taken will be that which appears in the Certificate of Studies of the previous level directly; Pass all subjects studied at the time the scholarship application is submitted; They have completed a maximum of 90 percent of the corresponding credits. The Socio-Economic Scholarship is aimed at a student community belonging to one of the following groups in a vulnerable situation: a member of an indigenous people; poor by income, that is, students who are not socially disadvantaged, but whose income is less than or equal to the welfare line, that is, they come from a family whose monthly income is equal to or less than four minimum monthly wages per capita in the state of Puebla; Or a person who suffers from a movement, physical, visual, intellectual, psychological, hearing, language or sensory disability.

In case college talentAnd The scholarship is given to these Representing or representing BUAP in competitions regional, governmental, national or international; Those who demonstrate a high standard in the practicing art, as well as a proven track record in the field in which it was developed and who represent BUAP in competitions; and research for students who are developing or are about to carry out a social or scientific research project, in favor of BUAP.


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