Brunabec has extended the Continuity of Studies Scholarship competition for 2022 until 15 April | News

The Ministry of Education’s National Scholarship and Education Credit (Pronabec) Program has been extended until next Friday, 15th April, the 5:30 pm deadline to apply for the Continuing Studies Scholarship in the Higher Education Competition (BCE) 2022.

The scholarship targets tertiary students with good academic performance, who come from the most vulnerable families in the country, and who may be at risk of dropping out of their studies due to the impact of the pandemic on their economies.

Through the 2022 call, 12,000 scholarships will be awarded, in strict order of merit, to students from public or private universities, institutes or schools licensed in the country. The winners will get the following benefits:

– Students of private institutions: tuition fees and academic stipends.

Students in public institutions: support for food, local transportation, and stationery.

From the date of the scholarship, the scholarship will extend for up to ten calendar months as long as it does not exceed February 2023 (not including the vacation period).

What requirements do applicants have to fulfill?

One. Peruvian nationality.

two. It depends on one of the following conditions:

Certified by the Sisfoh Household Targeting System for Poverty or Extreme Poverty; also

Become a Yanapay bonus recipient or be the child of said support recipient.

3. Be enrolled in an Institution of Higher Education (IES) and place and program/position eligible for the competition:

For semester systems: between the second and penultimate academic session in semester 2021-2 or 2021-I, depending on the original higher education institution and its membership in Group A (institutions that have completed semester 2021-2) or Group B (institutions that have not completed Semester 2021-2).

For annual schemes: between the second to last year in the 2021 or 2020 academic year, depending on the original higher education institution and its Group A or Group B membership.

Exceptionally, students who did not study during 2021 or booked enrollment in that year can apply. To do this, they must be enrolled between the second to the penultimate academic session in the 2020-2 semester or between the second to the penultimate year of the 2020 academic year (for annual systems).

The list of universities in groups A and B is detailed in this link

four. Belong, at least, to the higher education of the faculty, study program or school.

5. In the case of minors, they must have someone to represent them.

6. Acknowledgments and forms generated by the application module.

The competition will award additional points to students from the poorest or extreme poor areas, such as Huancavelica, Pasco, Ayacucho, Puno, Cajamarca, Huánuco and Apurímac.

It will also give priority to applicants from regions where there are fewer licensed universities, such as Moquegua, Tumbes, Amazonas, Pasco, Ica, Tacna, Loreto, Madre de Dios, Puno, Ucayali, Ayacucho and Áncash; As well as the role of public, private or non-profit trade union study.

The competition application is virtual and free of charge through the institutional website. For more information, read the competition rules published on their website, call the toll-free line 080 00 00 18 or write to the corporate WhatsApp 966429596.

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