Bolivarian Bilingualism: Bolivar Strengthens Bilingualism in Public Education Institutions | Cartagena

The Bolivar Department Receive this Monday 10 thousand scholarships about these Almost all students from formal educational institutions are trained in English.

These scholarships were officially handed over during a business meeting between Governor Vicente Belle Scaf and Juan Pablo BarreraLink Pawtucket International Government City (Rhode Island, USA).

At first, this free training will benefit students from municipalities La Linea and North BolivarHowever, it is expected to be delivered soon 10 thousand other scholarships for the benefit of students from the south of the department.

Similarly, this city donated 50 pcsalready in Colombia, and which in the next few days will reach the hands of Bolivarian students.

Juan Pablo Barrera, Government Communications Officer at PawtucketHe stated that “we wanted to form a bilingual education coalition for Bolivar Department, providing free high-quality bilingual education to all students. We will continue to work to expand this process, because we are sure that bilingual education is an essential factor for the development of peoples.”

for this part, Veronica Montrosa, Minister of Education of Bolivarthanked the administrator on behalf of all Bolivarian students and emphasized, “We will do everything we can so that our students benefit from 10,000 scholarships will be available to study English virtually. Through this, we continue to enhance the educational quality in the department and do our best to make our schools hotspots for development with a tourism career.”

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