Best Scholarships for Summer 2021 According to Locos por las Becas

At the gates of Summer 2021, there are countless scholarships arriving in the coming weeks. From Locos por las Becas, the social networking community for scholarships and grants, compile some of the most important calls not to be missed.

MEC Scholarships: Opening Soon

After more years, the famous “MEC Scholarships” or Ministry of Education Scholarships for Post-compulsory studies will arrive at the beginning of August.

It is one of the most awaited calls of the year targeting students in the first and second year of the baccalaureate, middle and higher baccalaureate degrees FP, university and master’s degrees. In the previous call, more than 600,000 undergraduate and non-university students chose to receive these scholarships, which were increased by €100 in the case of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

Grant cooperation in advance

The cooperation grants announced by the Ministry of Vocational Education and Training this year have arrived in advance. While they were previously held in July, on this occasion the period opening has been brought forward to June and will remain open until September 30th.

This is a program of 2,400 scholarships aimed at students who will be finishing their undergraduate studies or in the first year of an official undergraduate master’s degree. The aim is to begin research assignments related to their studies and to facilitate their future professional or research orientation, the work for which they receive €2,000.

Culturex Scholarships with artistic talent in the fore

The current call for Culturex scholarships is open and expires on June 28, 2021. It is an opportunity to undertake an internship in cultural organizations around the world with a reward of up to €2,000. On this occasion there are venues at the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Royal Spanish Academy in Rome, the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts in London or as part of Spain’s representation before UNESCO, among other options.

FormARTE Scholarships for Specialization in Cultural Fields

Commodity Conservation, Restoration, Museology, Cultural Management… The FormARTE Scholarships for the Ministry of Culture offer 74 places in the current call for practical training in museums and other art-related institutions. The endowment is 835 euros and can be requested until June 23, 2021.

Scholarships for English immersion courses: students and teachers

That English is not an obstacle. Another year, scholarships for English immersion courses were held by UIMP (International University of Menendez Pelayo) and the Ministry of Universities.

On this occasion, there are 14,000 scholarships for courses aimed at university students, higher technical education, other postgraduate studies and higher level vocational training. On the other hand, there are 1005 scholarships for teachers and graduates in master’s degree in teachers of compulsory secondary education, baccalaureate, vocational training, language education and teachers.

Fulbright scholarships for further study in the USA.

Having a Fulbright scholarship on your resume is an added point. There is an opportunity this summer to apply for a scholarship for further technical studies in the United States for a period of 6 to 12 months. Scholarships cover most expenses: round trip, monthly allowance, project expenses, health and accident insurance.

The deadline is open until July 3. Online interviews will take place in August.

Robert Schumann Scholarships: Internship in the European Parliament

Until June 30, you can apply for the Robert Schumann Scholarship to undertake an internship in the European Parliament for a period of five months starting in October 2021. On this occasion, 428 places are available, some of which are located in Madrid and Barcelona.

The aim is for university graduates to broaden their knowledge of the European Union, as well as its various organizations.

Training at the European Commission

Twice a year, the European Commission organizes five-month internships for university graduates. On this occasion, training can be requested until August 31 to begin on October 1, 2021. It is intended for graduates who have a good knowledge of English, French or German, as well as a good level of a second official language in the European Union. .

What is the gift that the elect get? The support is about 1220 euros per month, plus reimbursement for travel expenses, accident and health insurance. Similarly, students with disabilities may receive a supplement to their scholarship.

Scholarships to attend summer courses

Some universities that organize summer courses, such as UIMP, offer tuition fees and accommodation grants. Where applicable, full scholarships include room and board, as well as free registration for the course or seminar; On the other hand, scholarships exclusively offer exemption from paying tuition fees for the course in question.

Other universities such as UNED, Universidade Complutense, University of Pablo de Olavid in Seville or University of Rafael Altamira in Alicante also offer scholarships for their summer activities.

Courses that may interest you this summer:
– English language courses
Digital photography courses.
Video editing courses.
3D courses.
Creative writing courses.

Courses that may interest you:

Audio technician courses.
Business consulting courses.
– Positioning courses on the Internet.

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